Bi-directional, all the better to translate your movement into power. It has that old school WW2 fighter plane instrument panel feel. However, I understand that some of you got together to grab yourself an extra deal. I designed the date window to replace the 4 o’clock position and present a seamless integration into the overall aesthetic. For multiples if you’re at Wingman or above, you’ll need to account multiple straps, if you want more than one. Gaskets wear out, cases loosen, crowns fall off.

Pre-launch praise and press 4. I’m thrilled that you guys with bigger wrists have come along on the ride and believe in the my vision for COURG as is. What about titanium grade 5? This means extra work changing the tooling more often and more attention in the build quality. The copy here is not final, since the manufacturer will need to transfer to the actual dimensions. The lid slides open and reveals the goods inside. Should any of these fail, I have identified and am in touch with reputable alternate providers who can step in.

Share this project Done. The Luftwaffe owned these watches, and the pilots were forced to return them after each mission. Order any combination of variants you like. Vintage timepieces are often more delicate after decades of neglect. There are a few options for the strap with the COURG, some of which would add to the overall cost of the watch. Kickstarter is not a store. The date window is a black wheel with white printed numbers.

We honored that purposeful intention and implemented a linear accent that also preserved the quick read priority. In a sea of trendy me-too off the shelf cases, dials, hands, watfh cheap movements — we’re going against the flow.


How come there aren’t umpteen stretch goals by now? Reviews Reviews Select Category Review. COURG watch project started when I looked to add a vintage pilot or dive watch to my humble stable of wrist machines. Keep reading for more on this. The beige canvas reminds me of the old ammo pouches from WW2.

Mission control, we have a problem 2.

Also, unlike other style straps, if somehow a strap pin gets pulled out the watch won’t plummet to the ground and stall your mission. I also want the second hand to sweep smoothly, rather than the tick-tick of the much cheaper battery-quartz movements. Pontvs Hydra Watch Review: And secondly they are part of the case as they nicely form from the case molding with an hybdid flow.

Redux COURG – Hybrid Watches with Missions to Tackle by Redux & Co. — Kickstarter

I evaluated many potential manufacturers, and consulted fellow watch designers that had helped pave the way and made industry friends along the way. We chose COURG because courage is a character trait we could all use more of — choosing to make the right and often difficult decisions even when we know the going will get tough. Reward no longer available. B-Uhr Type-B no date variant 8.

Not many manufacturers work with titanium because it requires special processes due to the hardness of the material.

The crown guards are nicely down for a few reasons. I’m thrilled that you guys with bigger wrists have come along on the ride and believe in the my vision for COURG as is.

COURG for every mission. Every day.

You, friends, are your own brand. I appreciate when seconds hand extend out that far, it makes getting down to the exact second easy when using your watch to time things that require that precise measurement. I went with the Ballistic Nylon. Would like to get one on my wrist to review for the forum.


When the Kickstarter campaign was going on the case back wwatch brought to a vote and I am very happy with the results of that voting. But I ran into a number of problems in the hunt for a minimal, dependable, reasonably sized, distinctive, and affordable option. Please remember that the number in the top right corner looks large, but must cover the following: Minimalist Draws its design DNA from the Bauhaus literally “house of construction” or “school of building” modernist movement begun in the s.

The Type-A was the first design that I wanted to hunt down and warch therefore also the first prototype Warch had made. Well I do still love big, heavy steel watches, but I have also come to appreciate titanium.

I compare it to Bruce Lee. Support Select this reward. We have an extraordinary community of backers. Zoid Zoomeister Watch Review: The second hand is very long and extends out to the very outer edge of the dial.

Redux COURG – Hybrid Watches with Missions to Tackle

The packaging is quite impressive and I really like it. The tang style buckle is signed with an engraved Redux arrow logo. COURG is our first step.