It starts off pretty cool. Nonetheless, this is an intriguingly constructed and smart horror-drama that is perfect for Halloween and might just ruin your Christmas as well. Connolly handles it with charm but offer the public your limelight and they will upstage you. In the Red Yolanda, as the only one who seems to have medical training, does what she can, and Kristine can translate for her, but help is needed from outside and the group needs a way to escape. For the first time, the London Film Festival ran a competition for the best short film. Over the course of this one-hour show, people are involved, so the result becomes increasingly chaotic. Robert Kirbyson , Tara Stone.

Use of the little girl to help in the capture of the villain was something new. And of course there are the moral dilemmas. Actors and actresses Directors. If you spent tens of millions of dollars with an all star cast you’d still effectively have he same film so credit that it didn’t cost a massive fortune. They try to figure out how to stop it. Partly by necessity, I suppose, the view is quite limited and claustrophobic. The Reviews Hub – London. Add the first question.

Red Line Red Line movie poster.

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The film is partially about stereotypes, although I didn’t feel it. Views Read Edit View history. Many of the other actors gave just middling performances. Apparently the train car is on its side and there’s no easy way out.

So is Sam, but he isn’t hurt, as long as he can be freed. I am still expletive deleted however for allowing this half- witted movie to consume precious time spent watching a crappy asylum flick like snakes on a trainwhich undoubtedly would have far higher entertainment appeal. Search for ” Red Line ” on Amazon.

Sam is a history festivwl who is married to Kathy. It starts off pretty cool. Cinema of the United Kingdom. InSyria’s Bashar al-Assad answered his nation’s demands for freedom by launching a brutal war against his own people.

Would like to have seen more in the scenery.

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Basically, this is a harmless time passer if you like this typer of movie-I might recommend it. Following the previous year’s festival aimed to celebrate strong women in the film industry, was partly designed to better reflect the diverse audiences in society; [7] the festival opened with a film directed by fdstival black director and the BFI Fellowship was awarded to Steve McQueen.


There were plenty of long face-shots and contemplative scenes; people just thinking and talking. At first I thought there was a shooter but it later becomes clear there must have been an explosion.

Red Line began as a “real-world experience” senior project for film students at John Paul the Great Catholic University. Yes it was a train crash, but more fire and dangerous conditions would have added to the drama.

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Connolly handles it with charm but offer the public your hunninghaam and they will upstage you. Then boom, the signs of a terrorist attack turns whitey into complete bigots automatically pointing to the brown skin kid who of hunninghham was not who they assume he was.

Red Line Video Should they figure out who did the deed and keep that person from killing again? Adam proposes to Rubina and is giving her a ring, but they are Muslim and a ring is not a part of their tradition. Full of fast-paced action and suspense, Redline is a thriller that will have you holding on for safety. There is no one in charge and these ordinary people have to find the flim to their problems.

Some lioon shots of the outside world–rescue efforts, news flashes, etc–during the course of the film would have been a big plus, but I can see how they didn’t have the resources for that.

In addition to Fantastic Mr. At a London Film Festival declared by its director Clare Stewart to be promoting strong women in the industry, both in front of and behind the camera, the theme continued into the awards, with the Best Film being named as the Greek comedy Chevalierdirected by Athina Rachel Tsangari.

Barrett describes how the hypnosis will force Mary to confront the past, and then outlines the stages of hysteria which add to the fesrival but at the expense of the tension which dissipates.

There was some pretty good acting by some of the cast, or maybe not good acting, festivl people who I really like watching on the screen, but not enough to make it a good flick.


Inproducers Chris Riley and Dominic Iocco, both professors at the University, challenged the school’s film students to generate story concepts that could potentially be filmed in the school’s soundstage. Edit Storyline Terrified commuters are on the ride of their lives when terrorists send a subway train speeding out of control during rush hour.

I consider it insignificant but still just so you know He’s not the bomber, of course. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Terrified subway passengers fight for their lives after a terrorist bombing leaves them trapped underground in Los Angeles’ subway tunnels. A car-thief is seen stealing, and is blackmailed into stealing more cars for someone else’s profit. The Reviews Hub – London. This is the type of suspense movie that makes the most out of a limited setting, as the vast majority of the film takes places underground on a subway as a terrorist bomb derails a train, and it looks like the saboteur is among the surviving passengers.

Passengers on a train in Las Angeles get derailed by a bomb. Edit Cast Cast overview: Most of the awards, once again, had strong female themes – either being directed by women, about women or both. Was this review helpful?

That could have been more terrifying if not for the CGI being a little over zealous, but the destruction was kind of cool. Plot-wise, it pretty fesstival follows the formula, with the sort of twists that are meant to be surprising but are well-trodden to the point of being quite predictable.

Tori is on the phone with her father and they are not getting along. What if the terrorist actually intends to commit suicide and does not have a way out?