Zoya says that asad wants to say something. She laughs out, and says that she cant digets this much of happiness. The doctor says that the patients may be normal, but get unconscious when in company of people. Asad is highly disturbed at such talks, whereas zoya stands speechless, not knwoing what to say. Laugh as much as you can…m ok wit it coz i kno how my hindi was. Indians arent stupid and i dont think your comment is correct but i think what you mean is the people who made this show arent doing a good job anymore. Angered hearing this, Rashid raises his hand to slap her, but then stops. She coaxes him to talk to zoya about his feelings, but he still isnt sure.

She eyes the mangalsutra and thinks that vikram must have spent the entire night searching for it, and decides to go and thank him for this. The imposter says that how can he leave the car, and decides to throw badi bi, and keep the car to himself. She is scared and shocked at vikram placing a hand on her shoulder. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Belle June 18, Dilshad finally tells her that she should comply with what the guests demand, and shouldnt make them wait any longer. She asks him to propose to zoya, and asks him to propose to zoya.

He fumbles saying that she isnt as bad as he had thought, and they can have a chance. Zoya says that she would tell her everything. He asks her what she is doing here?

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Hotel Manager informs Razia. Razia is wondering what has happened to her hair. Ayan is tensed, seeing her sad. Dilshad asks why she didnt tell them before, as her hands all are burnt now.


She says that she would understand at 5 in the evening. He says that he came out for freah air, and saw the car bonnet open and was trying to close it, while badi bi is stuffed inside it.

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Razia says that 117th big talks dont matter, as traps are to be laid out, in which she cant compete with Razia. Asad comes out and asks her what she is doing? Her sister reprimands zoya and asks dilshad 17hh the main reason this is happening. Nazma, downstairs is scared to see this, while zoya comes out of the bathroom, donning the mini skirt but is surprised when she doesnt find her there.

Zoya reprimands him for the same, saying that she cant hurt them anymore. Zoya says that as it is, the next wish cant be done tonight, as its raining, and gives him time to fulfill it.

Her sister is all the more confused. The family confirms these symptoms. Tanveer is happy, while zoya is shocked to hear this. She is extremely scared and as she turns around, she accidentally throws the glass that shaad has brought for her.

She leaves in a huff, while asad stands quietly. Zoya says that she has a definite plan, tried and tested, and that is to run from his marriage, which would be cardio exercises and getting rid of the situation too.


Asad asks why was she silent. Asad and others are confused and look at tanveer too, who is scared.

For those who r interested enough to see… http: I may not agree with them, but ohgorm its their opinion of the showor episode…leave it be. She says that she understands what writfen his fear and that he can never end up like his father, or hurt zoya ever. He tries to tell her that this isnt a viable option and it was in vain to have asked any ideas from her. She asks Asad that he will understand. Email required Address never made public.

In their room, Asad reprimands her that she does it intentionally just to irritate him.

Zoya says its very nice…she asks Tanvir to select from her side.! You are commenting using your Twitter account. She leaves, leaving behind shashi and saif, boggled and tensed, as razia asks them to handle the forst here. Razia says that they didnt want to delay it any longer, haii he had given his consent, and soon they shall get married too. Imran asks to call up his aunt.!