The two easily win each game, and are destined to meet each other at the finals. In season 2 of the web series it was hinted that he was secretly evil, but nothing really happened with that. Anastasia then says there is nothing more to talk about and ends their relationship on the spot. Jeremy teaches the audience gaming tips, and suggests browsing message boards and playing higher skilled opponents. But he became able to operate in RL because of his time on the pills and working. Maybe I’ll post it here when I’m done? Even if it’s just in the form of mini-episodes between Jeremy and Kyle. Edit Cast Series cast summary:

Not unless they want to try and cater to the small, minority that is their old fandom. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. I enjoyed seeing Jeremy in his life and what he was doing. For the game footage, I would want a good mix of Jeremy commentary and professional commentary. Jeremy’s school could work, and real world problems can take over and change his life if it doesn’t work. This would explain how he knew to reverse psychology Jeremy into playing League. When Jeremy and Kyle are the last two left in the apartment, Jeremy gets a surprise visit from Doug. Jeremy replies that he’s done with girls and Terence, concerned about Jeremy’s orientation, laughs it off and tells Jeremy that the cure for girl trouble is “more girls”.

It’s nice to see Jermey and Doug arguing and ending up being mature about it. Does anyone know what the four games Teh Masterer was playing here? All that anti-toxicity witchhunt is not Jeremy’s thing. eplsode

Could be funny, give the story an overall plot Anastasia invites Jeremy to come in, but Jeremy makes up a story on the spot that he forgot today was a guys’ night out.


Edit Storyline An Internet mockumentary pwnagge documenting the life and adventures of Jeremy, a self-proclaimed ‘pro-gamer’.

Maybe instead of Doug coming back Jeremy could have played on two computers at the same time. But I think it’s the chosen game because that’s what the guys like and also what is big at the time. I liked all the abnormal outside game powers, the masterer, the evil gamers in season one. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Calling someone names on a game, but now there is report functions and calling people out for being toxic. Really nice storyline going on there.

The list contains the following: Pure Pwnage because it was the first of its kind at the time, now I just consider it standard.

It would be really open ended and then they could do whatever. A fresh coat of paint on what made PP great is welcome. This extra content appears after the Tetris fight. The scene is set previous to the pilot episode with Jeremy wearing his old ubergamer shirt.

Kyle fed this information to Charles?

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So I did some research and discovered Pure Pwnage. He decides to start filming Doug instead, but Doug loses, due to lag, and develops a tantrum. The later episodes had premiere screenings. Kyle faces Anastasia and lowers his camera, revealing his face for eoisode first time in the series. Just calling it a day has no positives at all.


Though Jeremy deleted her character, Pur has assumed her account was hacked, and thus is not mad — on the contrary, the time away from WoW has changed her attitude completely.

Kyle swason some footage for his University course and makes a deal with Jeremy to be filmed for one day, saying at the end “Nothing bad will come of it”. True, they did that to themselves with their sporadic release schedule and not slowly reintroducing the series before releasing the movie. Back home, he claims to have met a girl who actually kissed him.


I could see a low budget web series picking up where the movie left off.

The future of Pure Pwnage : PurePwnage

Kyle walks back to Jeremy to see how it went and Jeremy mentions that it didn’t go well and comments that guys make way better friends. Agreed, I mentioned a pay-what-you-can model episde Saturday too. I would say that watching it take off from the movie would be good, but I dont know where they would go. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Having female players in every team seems kind of forced.

Back to Jeremy and Dave, they encounter Anastasia, who is with a guy who is a jock, which aggravates Jeremy. I fully trust the PP team to take the show in seaon best direction. You can see this really well in the tv season. I can’t love pp enough. I honestly feel it was a honest representation of modern day gaming. By making this show, he believes that he can help any given person be more like him, and less of a “noob”. Jeremy gets his shirt changed to a gold lettered “I pwn n00bs” shirt and a gold necklace and sunglasses.

Yeah I think you’re right.