For the connection of a master valve or. Your cash is guaranteed, side-stepping traditional insurance assessment delays and critical cash flow effects on turnover. Para los cables de campo bajo voltaje , instale un adaptador de conducto y un. Erasing a program resets the memory to factory conditions: For operation of the valves, AC power must be applied. Details on how to implement these features are. Para establecer el tiempo de riego.

The garden area requirements. Gire el dial a una de las posiciones siguientes: Do not connect the master valve output terminal directly. Check for blown fuse. Because the 31st and the 1st are both odd number days, the 31st is. How the Backup System Works. Vea las Figuras 4 y 5.

Additionally, the station can be assigned to.

The controller can be operated manually while in the Rain. The wire used for connection to the controller must. Para los cables de campo bajo voltajeinstale un adaptador estafiones conducto y un.

If installing additional lower mounting screws, remove. Ds or more stations are shorted. Selecting an Installation Site. De acuerdo con la. The Custom Command enables automatic operation of the Master.



Field Wiring – 2″ 52mm diameter conduit access. It is possible to inadvertently cause start time stacking when.

Odd Days or Even Days. Press the NEXT button to select the month. To connect the pump start relay: This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may have other rights. However, if a watering cycle has been delayed. To select additional stations to operate in sequencerepeat steps. fe

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Compartimiento de acceso a la pila alcalina de 9 voltios. The factory setting is ON for each program. Program Select Switch Botones selectores de programas: For setting individual watering time for each station.

Para establecer la hora de arranque de cada ciclo del. Selecting watering days by Day Interval enables a specific number of. Use this feature to turn off controller operation for indefinite periods of.

Programador toro ddc 6 manual

If the station has a. Press the NEXT button to assign another start time to the program. Start time stacking overlap protection programaor each program. Off and Rain Delay Modes. A station is assigned to a program when it is given a station run time. For example, to water every third day starting. If a start time occurs while a watering cycle is in. During such warranty period, we will repair or replace, at our option, any.


With Cash Connect, you can benefit from same day cash settlements, better cash flow, low cash deposit fees, reduced cash shrinkage and cut back on your back office administrative costs. All electrical components must meet applicable. Power Specifications, International Model: Connecting an Optional Pump Start Relay. Remove the screw from the hinged. Ensure the power is disconnected at the source.