Make a pretty garden, everybody! They head up the pathway and reach the portal. Only Giratina can move freely in and out of this world! Giratina continues to float around the Reverse World. Welcome to another movie review! Genesect and the Legend Awakened I guess he forgot, this thing is my design! Nyarth voice Vanilla Yamazaki

All pokemon movies so far hamhampokecat 10 years ago. Pokemon Sins 9 months ago. Little do they know that Newtown’s former assistant, Zero, seeks to harness Giratina’s power to rule the Reverse World, even if that means destroying the real world! Traveling with good friends and training with boundless energy! Dialga fires its energy on Giratina and is able to finally exit the portal to the regular world. Once every season a group of them gather together in a garden and migrate. Brock tells Ash that he must wash his hands, even though Ash pretends that he doesn’t need to even with his dirty hands showing. Shaymin turns red as it develops a fever, while Brock checks its forehead.

Shaymin falls but Staravia was able to save it. As Giratina is entering back into the Reverse World, it changes back to its Origin Forme and hits the ground with Shaymin holding on to Giratina. Takeshi voice Megumi Toyoguchi Shaymin likes to make fun of Ash for not understanding what it’s talking about. It’s a Shaymin, the gratitude Pokemon. Such a beautiful, quiet and unspoiled world, where no one can bother me at last!

So guys which video that I described earlier just comment down. If you can’t beat them, join them. Adblock link for google chrome: James picks up Shaymin as Team Rocket tries to run off with it, but a portal opens from one of the triangle statues, and drags them into the Reverse World.


After Zero enters the Reverse World, Team Rocket notices him, and tries to flag him down so that they can escape back to the real world.

I don’t think that’s what he wants. Ash and his friends head off to their next destination in the Sinnoh region. The computer inside the airship displays Giratina and the amount of energy that was being drained. We worked well together and won the battle. Shaymin cries as it enters the field of Gracidea Flowers and turns into its Sky Forme, as it flies high into the sky.

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Newton Graceland is the name. Giratina grabs part of the ship and tries to bring it to the ground, but Zero uses a beam to attack Ud. You need a formidable villain for these movies to work and this entry just doesn’t have one. Ash asks why he is trusting them.

S Expert Point 3 months ago. Shieldon uses Flash Cannon to make a hole in the entrance as they head inside. Dialga and Palkia both thought that their territories had been violated. That’s germa way to treat someone who saved your lives.

Master Anime Dubber 11 months ago. Magnemite, Magneton, and Magnezone are seen floating around the tunnel, and the Aron, Lairon, and Aggron are feasting on the remains of Zero’s airship. Shaymin goes through the portal into the real world, and crashes down onto the ice.

Po,emon a result, both time and space were bent violently. The Real and Reverse Worlds support each other!

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Jessie tries to jump into where the portal closed up, but almost falls as Newton saves her. Shaymin speaks of “that place” which no one understands what it’s himmelsrittrr to. Shaymin is sent flying through the portal to the regular world, lands in the lake, and helplessly goes down the stream as Zero watches through his computer screen.


Shaymin and Staravia fly together as Piplup jumps in and out of the water. It’s easy to record your screen and livestream. Full Cast and Crew. The first episode of my Giratina Movie.

This fiom just satire but I thought it was a very interesting story I have to go right away, my friends are all there. Team Rocket closes the door to the other room, and decide that they want to steal Shaymin. Whenever this occurs, a black cloud appears. Newer Post Older Post Gdrman. I made it myself!

Ash and Dawn introduce themselves to Newton. A dark sci-fi prequelhuge performances at the Oscarsand a star-studded new season of mockumentaries are our picks of the week.

Giratina’s eyes glow red as it roars in frustration. Ash and his friends arrive at their next destination, which is surrounded by mountains and a lake. Ash and his friends were able to grab Herman before it hit the ground.

The portal opens as Team Rocket holds on to the ground, and Ash holds onto the ship so that they do not fall. Ice has been covering and wearing away at this mountain for tens of thousands of years.