Max asks about water and Mary invites Ash and co into her house for water. When the Gulpin return, Jacuzzi uses a subatomic particle launcher to safely send the Gulpin flying. May hears from Drew that his Roselia was badly injured by a masked trainer’s Dusclops. Lombre uses water gun on Solrock and so does Mudkip. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Gulpin then slide out as one into the street, leaving the bakery behind for a new food source.

All Season 7 Episodes. True Blue Swablu Who’s that Pokemon? They are the formerly-absorbed energies of Treecko and Gulpin, now freed from the computer and returning to physical form. Ash, May and Max are shocked and say they are very thirsty. Skitty finds some flowers and loves them! Jacuzzi assures them that with his 50 years worth of Gulpin knowledge, he should be able to find some way to return the Gulpin to its normal state. Suddenly Solrock blocks the water from hitting the villagers by using itself. Max stops him to point out that the Gulpin are stampeding towards Brock, who is still holding the device.

The Gulpin then slide out as one into the street, leaving the bakery behind for a new food source. See pictures from this episode – click here! Ppokemon, the Loudred also evolves into an Exploud and goes on a rampage, refusing to obey its trainer, Guy, and Grovyle who has even more of an attitude than before is determined to finish its battle with Exploud. The Gulpin emerge onto the street. Continuing from the previous episode, Colonel Hansen, Team Rocket and the gang are amazed when they see Togepi’s amazing power in defending them.

Stuck together, Max and Maxx admit their jealousies toward each other and become friends. Gulpin it Down Who’s that Pokemon? Brock reads from the guidebook about how they are very close to Petalburg, and Ash says through a mouthful of food how eager is he to be able to battle Norman again. Sent flying, the Eppisode prepares an attack in midair.


Jacuzzi admits defeat, having used up every available resource. After getting chased out of a cave by Slugma, Ash and friends end up at a Numel 39. Nurse Joy gives the professor a Heavy Ball, and he captures the Gulpin, vowing to restore it to its normal size. Black White Black2 White2.

The town then makes Solrock their protector for saving the town and beating the Rockets. Ash, May and Max follow. Skitty finds some flowers and loves them! Ash and his friends help a trainer called Elijah and his Camerupt deliver a film to some children.

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The gang finds a boy who looks and sounds almost swabl like Max and they both even have the same name, only this new Max has a real attitude problem which brings out the worst in the first Max!

Credits Animation Team Ota. He learns Calista and Baltoy were called to meet someone at a set of ruins, and Baltoy is a key. Assured of this, the group looks episose as the sun rises.

May asks what she wants with Lombre. In the cave Mary and May find Skitty and a machine.


Jacuzzi tells the worried onlookers pokejon the machine “froze up” due to the subatomic particles becoming unstable. Chimney, trapping the gang in a cable car with Team Rocket, with Ash attempting to recover the space rock from the criminal organizations after escaping the cable car through a deadly stunt.

The group walk along one of the deserted streets in the evacuated city, with May commenting on how people are able to follow orders so well. Blocks to gullible Coordinators, but Grace soon exposes them as con artists with her Medicham.


May befriends a female Bulbasaur who she catches. When they arrive, they find Nurse Joy manning a control panel that is monitoring the city, confirming that the evacuation was complete and that measures to remove the Gulpin from the city were about to be launched.

Ash gets out his Poke’dex and checks it out. Jacuzzi, on top of the wreckage, points out something unusual happening in the distance as two balls of pink light rise up from the debris. While separated epixode the others, Ash encounters a girl called Calista and her Baltoy.

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May wonders out loud if the two had just evolved, which Max sincerely doubts. Views Read Edit View history. It explodes, and the two of them become oversized.

Suddenly, Solrock appears and attacks Team Rocket with fire. Brock pulls him up and at the top, Lotad evolves into Lombre. Retrieved from ” https: Joy sends a signal to close a number of gates in the sewer, forcing the Gulpin to take a detour and head above ground.

True Blue Swablu

A sharp bllue from outside gets Brock’s attention, who recognizes it as Officer Jenny ‘s police whistle before he gets dragged down into the mob. Team Aqua and Team Magma fight over a stolen meteorite at Mt. We are not affiliated in any way with the corporations mentioned below.