I will try out and let you know. When I plug the SD the boot ends with a gren light fixed, Any help would be greatly appreciated. About how long before your system “freezes”? I didn’t think I needed to say this but I do – these instructions are for the Pogoplug V4. James Allen September 6, at Now I can’t get into the device at all. Danny Neess October 11, at 3:

I tried an SD card and seems the plug not configured to boot from SD. Yes the ext3 versus ext4 is important. The legacy os is trash, i installed archlinux andor openwrt on all my pogoplugs. You’ll need to setup your USB drive on a Linux machine and then complete the tutorial. Probably a month from now the prices ought to dip And good luck installing open wrt in our pogo Electrosam March 11, at 4: I would suggest my quick simple solution I mentioned above after my red warning.

USB can not really compare to it.

I got a second pogo, a v4 not mobile and started from scratch using this tutorial, however, this time I tried installing debian right onto the 4 GB partition, but this is where I got stuck. Most relevant reviews See all 8 devlce.

Qui Hong February 9, at 7: I shairng a Cubietruck with an AW A20 and liked it but sold it because at the time 1.

I followed the updated steps and it worked!

Pogoplug POGO-V4-A3-01 Digital Media Streamer

To be more clear, 4. I’m going to finally start flushing out the Debian tutorial in the next week weeks and hopefully will document the Wi-Fi configuration. Am I right, that I can put in from the top two sata hdd directly without plus one usb? How would I go about updating to these newest versions? Danny Neess October 11, at 3: Leggo, The xfce setup instruction is on this sticky thread: Pogoplug is back to what looks like stock firmware, accessible at my.


The instructions for going to 3. My new questions, is there a port of the my.

Cloud Engines Pogoplug V3 (POGO-P21)

At first it was fine, but slowly pogoplug started taking features away and gimping the software. Lilo August 28, at 1: Qui Hong November 17, at 4: It did mentioned USB drive at the top of the page. You’ll need to look up how to get a serial connection, involves soldering wires.

Everything was going smoothly until my home lost power.

The Series 4’s internals are similar to the Pogoplug Mobile, with some additional connectors and devices supporting the USB 3. The picture is 2 pogos, 1 hard drive and a 5 port switch stacked.

Qui Hong November 24, multimeeia 9: I previously used the V4 instructions at archlinuxarm. December 08, Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Any help would be appreciated. I tried an SD card and seems the plug not configured to boot from SD.


TRM August 23, at 2: Requires a soldering on a serial connection and booting via UART. FYI – I posted the upgrade to drvice.

This tutorial assumes you’re starting with a brand new, never modified Pogoplug Mobile or Series 4. Proceed at your own risk. I didn’t download a new Arch image, I’m using the one that used to work.

Baud rate is I have gotten as far as ‘Update uBoot Environment Parameters’. Hopefully the dual core proves a little better, but would be nice to have USB 3.

Note that the IP Address of your Pogoplug may have changed. Qui Hong September 24, at 2: Sorry, I don’t have any details on that since I don’t have that large a HD. Thanks for the coffee!

Cloud Engines Pogoplug Pro (POGO-P01) – WikiDevi

Use bodhi’s kwboot found here – https: Qui Hong October 21, at 2: Sounds like the uBoot flashing ssharing wrong somehow. Wifi or router can’t cope with the amount of traffic? Please let me know otherwise. If you like what we do and want to thank us, just buy something on Amazon.