The chocolate pies comment just about did me in and that was at the very beginning! Ha-ni crumples to the ground as she assumes the worst—that Seung-jo left home to live with He-ra. You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too! It wasn’t here last week. But I guess in his defense, since he already confessed, OHN should have trusts on his short explanation on why he needs to do this; for him to figure out what he wants to pursue in his life. I’m still going to make you marry her, you know that, right? I see you’re a second late.

It’s , won all together. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Should we eat the lotus leaf steak? But the problem is I second your opinion. I love how you seem to have a proper name for every variation of Baek Seung-jo.

Mother, Seung Jo is Tell us, we will listen.

What about where he works? Tonight seems like a night that people only experience once in their lifetime.

Playful Kiss – Playful Kiss: Full Episode 10 (Official & HD with subtitles) – Transcript Vids

We have two people who are such polar opposites in how they see and experience the world that they just NEED to be together. This is mountain root. I like Hera too.


Here Ha Ni eat up, plagful a treat from Joon Gu and us. Well, Epksode I eat at my part-time job. This episode really got people’s creative juices flowing I am expecting the second kiss in episode Glad to know i’m not alone, and i totally agree the mom is amazingly cute and pretty, HN will be so lucky to have her as mom in law!

Did you get the part time job? Wow, pretty big jump for this. I loved this episode. Grilled salmon with no pepper.

Playful Kiss – Playful Kiss: Full Episode 10 (Official & HD with subtitles)

True to his word, Seung-jo packs up right away and leaves. I know, I know. It kills mereading these comments on here and other sitesand then seeing the ratings and how low they are. I enjoyed the shower. He didn’t tell her outright but trying to tell Ha Ni like “don’t let your imagination run wild again”. You weren’t living together, right? I agree about admiring OHN bravery. I like this feeling of having my heart flutter like this.

It would be amazing if you didn’t get a stomachache. That’s right, he said he didn’t dislike me. I want half lemon chicken half seasoned chicken. JB and GF, thanks for the recaps!

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I hate the fact that they slowly seem to be leeching out her individuality. I don’t know that much yet. I honestly don’t know people who dislike this drama. And please don’t add any pepper on my grilled salmon.


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LOL anecdote circa 2nd grade, decades ago. Love it Saturday, March 17, at I got mad at Ha Ni for this episode, she’s so – Oh Ha Ni but at the same time, I’ve thought that she’s advanced in her self esteem to not let Robot control her life and emotions so much. A part time job.

They lie awake like that, adorably nervous and content, and trying not to let it show. He really left like that.

Because I didn’t think he was really smiling at the end like Ha-ni was; Seung-jo looked rather unnerved with awareness. We are together now. I love yon ji hoo’s character but i don’t like his acting, not natural.