Class 45 2 counseling in the field of personal development, namely, self-improvement, self-fulfillment, and interpersonal communication; providing information in the field of personal development, namely, self-improvement, self-fulfillment, and interpersonal communication;. Class 25 2 Clothing, namely, coats, jackets, neck wraps, shawls, muffs, ear muff, hats, headbands, jackets, anoraks, raincoats, parkas, shoulder wraps, vests, gloves, mittens and mittens with attached ice scraper. Class 40 3 shredding services provided to clients at their business locations; mobile shredding services namely the provision of locked storage bins to store documents to be shredded, pick up and shredding of third party records;. Class 21 4 fitted vanity cases; tea caddies. Goods Class 01 1 Unprocessed synthetic resin compounds in the form of fibers or polymer chips for use in the manufacture of bottles, cups, lids, trays, containers, other plastic products and fiber products; chemical precursors and raw materials in the nature of unprocessed synthetic resins for the manufacture of synthetic polymers, resins and fibers. Class 45 2 Personal background investigations; Chaperoning services; Clothing rental; Dating services; On-line social networking services; Planning and arranging of wedding ceremonies; Genealogical research; Copyright management; Licensing of intellectual property; Licensing of computer software.

Koyo support tool File name: Goods all items of clothing and clothing accessories, namely, business attire, suits, blazers, outerwear coats and jackets, dress coats and jackets, dress shirts, sport shirts, topcoats, overcoats, raincoats, sport jackets, t-shirts, dress pants, casual pants, jeans, shorts, men’s leather and suede clothing, namely, jackets, coats, vests, belts; small leather goods and accessories, namely, agenda holders, credit card holders, wallets, key holders; clothing and clothing accessories, namely, robes, pyjamas, gloves and scarves, undergarments, sweaters, sweater coats, neck ties and bowties, pocket squares, handkerchiefs, scarves, suspenders, vests, belts, hats, socks; bespoke and made to measure clothing and clothing accessories, namely, suits, blazers, outerwear coats and jackets, dress coats and jackets, dress shirts, sport shirts, dress pants, casual pants, topcoats, overcoats, sport jackets, vests; gift cards, reusable tote bags, garment bags, shopping bags. Goods Class 18 1 unfitted vanity cases; vanity cases; vanity cases sold empty. SERVICES Class 40 1 Surface treatment services for stabilizing proteins upon enzyme immunoassay product components of others; consulting about custom manufacturing medical and surgical devices; consulting in the field of medical devices related to manufacturing coaxial guide catheters. Image Description Vienna Birds in flight or with outspread wings. SERVICES Class 41 Operation of a website in the field of social media permitting the sharing of and linking to personal videos, audio recordings and social media messages; operation of a website in the field of social media permitting the use of videos, audio recordings and photographs to create derivative works.

We highly recommend all our users to update their Nano S by following these steps. Inscriptions in Chinese or Japanese characters.

Goods 1 Clothing, namely: Class 44 2 Beauty treatment services especially for eyelashes; operation of a salon providing beauty and hygiene treatments especially for eyelashes. Image Description Vienna Dogs, wolves, foxes. Download the firmware file to your computer. Upload your firmware file At the firmware update screen you can upload your firmware file and wait for the installation to be completed.


Circles or ellipses containing one or more triangles or lines forming an angle.

Several circles movei ellipses, juxtaposed, tangential or intersecting. Then copy it to ur pen drive and insect it into ur decoder whiles the decoder is off and then on it that is all. SERVICES Class 39 1 Transportation of parts for wind turbines; customized supply chain logistics services and global logistics, namely, delivery of spare parts for wind turbines by air, rail, ship, truck or vehicle.

Goods Clay pigeons for use as targets. Where available, the downloads include application notes and installation guidance.

SERVICES Class 37 1 building construction; construction, installation and servicing, repair, maintenance and upkeep of drying installations, namely, belt dryers, drum dryers, feed and turn dryers, continuous dryers, circulating batch dryers, and convective dryers for agricultural loaader industrial purposes.

Pinacle Movie box 1

This bootloader version has to be used to update the robot to the last developed firmware with all new features and bugs corrected. Image Description Vienna Other signs, notations or symbols. Goods Class 05 Nutritional supplements containing essential hemp oils found in plant extracts.

Class 24 5 Beach towels, bath towels. Class 10 3 medical vaporizers; vaporizers for medical purposes.

Arrows combined with a letter, monogram or numeral s. Foreign Character Translation In the Chinese language the first character on the bottom lower left of the design means ‘maintain and safeguard’ when it’s used as a verb and also means ‘dimension’ when it consider as a noun. Image Description Vienna Goats, sheep, moufflons, chamois. Goods Class 34 Flavoured liquids, also known as ‘E-liquids’ or ‘E-juice’, for use with personal electronic vaporizers.

Circles or ellipses containing other figurative elements.

The interface provides all the necessary buttons to manage all the channels, including adding to favorites, playlists, and channels from the antenna. Crowns having more than three triangular points. Backgrounds divided crosswise, vertically and horizontally. If the language of the application is English, the goods, services, or other text and description appearing in the English version of the Journal are in the language filed by the applicant. Invalid manufacturer selected Go Back. All other Cradlepoint modems run only a single firmware version, so loading a different firmware image for another carrier, for example will overwrite the previous firmware.

Image Description Vienna Flames. Goods Class 03 Soaps, namely, body care soap; perfumery; essential oils for personal use; deodorants and antiperspirants; hair care preparations; hair colorants, hair dyes, hair lotions, hair waving preparations, shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays, hair powder, hair dressings, hair lacquers, hair mousses, hair glazes, hair gels, hair moisturisers, hair liquid, hair preservation treatments, hair desiccating treatments, hair oils, hair tonic, hair creams, preparations for the bath and, namely, body wash, shower gel; non-medicated toilet preparations, namely, perfumed body spray; skin care preparations; cosmetics.

Trade-marks Journal Vol. 65 No.

Image Description Vienna Surfaces or backgrounds covered with lines or bands. Goods 1 Cases for rifles and sporting guns, cartridge pouches and cartridge belts 2 Leather and imitations of leather, hunters’ game bags, trunks, travelling bags, rucksacks, sponge bags, wash bags 3 Clothing, footwear and headgear, namely, hunting clothing, hunting leisurewear, hunting hats, hunting caps, hunting face masks and hunting footwear.


The electronic form of the Trade-marks Journal is the official version.

Wavy lines or bands, zigzag lines or bands. They are experienced and pinaacle in both hardware and software technologies, which make us have a strong technology support and have the ability to release new products faster. Colour Claim Colour is claimed as a feature of the trade-mark. Class 11 2 air conditioners; heaters for vehicles; electric ranges; air cleaners; heating apparatus, namely, heaters for baths, portable electric heaters, space heaters for household purposes; ventilation [air-conditioning] apparatus and installations, namely, loaver fans, fans for air conditioning units, air purifying units; light emitting diode [LED] lighting, namely, LED flashlights, LED landscape lights, LED light bulbs, LED luminaires; gas loafer electric cooking ovens for household purposes; apparatus or installations for cooking, namely, cooking ranges, microwave ovens, butane torches; electric refrigerators; ventilation apparatus, namely, oven ventilating hoods and ventilation hoods.

Class 16 2 adhsive tapes for stationery or household use.

Full text of “Hill’s Winston-Salem (Forsyth County, N.C.) City Directory []”

mkvie Class 14 5 Jewelry; jewelry findings; gemstones and precious stones; semi-precious stones; pearls; opals; platinum and its alloys; precious metals; charms, chokers, and pendants; lapel pins; ornamental lapel pins; pins being jewelry; body-piercing rings and studs; ear studs; ear clips; badges of precious metal; costume jewelry; jewelry chains; jewelry pins for use on hats; hat ornaments of precious metal; holiday ornaments of precious metal; jewelry boxes and cases; key holders of precious metals; key chains of precious metal; watches; watch bracelets; watch accessories, namely, watch bands and straps, watch cases and watch cleaning cloths; wristwatches; pocket watches; stop watches; watch straps and bands; watch chains and fobs; watch cases; watch boxes; clocks; alarm clocks; clocks incorporating radios; wall clocks; timepieces; boxes for timepieces; figurines, sculptures, busts, figures, statues and statuettes, all of the foregoing of precious metal.

Image Description Vienna Penguins. Class 42 2 architectural design and engineering. To find more specific firmware based on your country, Please Select your country from below list and click on to find out the latest firmware update for your phone. Goods Class 09 Recorded program software, namely database management software, computer software for data storage automation, computer software in the fields of air transport, airlines, airplane and airplane equipment construction, maintenance and repair, for revising and consulting digital documentation related to servicing, repair, maintenance and movke, intended for airlines, airplane and airplane equipment builders, suppliers and buyers, and those participating in calls to tender in the fields of airplanes and airplane equipment; document management software, namely computer programs for document management.

Image Description Vienna Isolated countries. Tisanes such as chamomile, mint, rooibus, yerba mate, honeybush, tulsi; and herbal teas featuring ingredients such as lavender, mint, rose, punacle and dried fruit.

Class 16 4 medicinal cannabis books; natural health books.