Will he marry Pavunnu forms rest of the story. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Pavunu Pavunuthan is a Indian Tamil drama film written and directed by K. When Ponni decides to express her love to Bhagyaraj, she comes to know that he is already in love with Ashwini and she leaves her love aside and decides not to express her love to him anymore. The films original soundtrack was composed by M. The film was remade in Telugu as Pelli Choopulu in ,2 August, the movies portrays social conditions like dowry, one sided fidelity of woman, honor, illiteracy and other aspects of social life. Ponnamalam also opposes the marriage after the fall through.

Her family and other people from her neighbourhood injure Madhavan and force Vasanthi into a marriage with Dr. Small House; Colloquial meaning: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Bhagyaraj himself alongside Saritha, the film was a blockbuster and was remade into Hindi as Ek Hi Bhool in the same year. Finally, Bhagyaraj decides to unite Ashwini with her lover, and Ponni with Ashwinis cousin, Bhagyaraj remains unmarried and acts like he is dumb till the end. His love interest Pavunnu Rohini ignores him and blasts him as and when she encounters him. Will he marry Pavunnu forms rest of the story. One fine day, Ashwinis daughter and her brother arrives to the village to stay with her.

He imagines a girl to be his dream girl who has all sorts of beauty right from head to foot, but his parents arrange marriage with a girl Bhagyalakshmi without his consent.

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Palakkad Madhavan is a poor, naive, honest, aspiring music director with a family back home to support. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Bhagyaraj who also stars himself in lead role and also composed the music. Retrieved from comsdy https: Ramakrishnan and Bharathiraja, Bhagyaraj became recognised for his script Bhagyaraj, the movie follows the life and ambitions of the hero, Palakkad Madhavan played by K. Chellai Durais family promise to send their reply later, in the meantime, Chellai Durai courts Mangalam, and meets the Master of the martial arts.

Their marriage comes to an end when Bhagyaraj cmedy Saritha for her widowed friend, after their divorce, Saritha finds out that she is pregnant.

His love interest Pavunnu Rohini ignores him and blasts him as and when she encounters him. The lead roles are performed by K.

She died due to an aggravated case of jaundice in August Parimalas playful nature transforms into love when she learns hes a widower. In a controversy between him and comedt, bhagyaraj slaps her saying he gives 30 days to return to him, though she refuses it, later she realises her faults, in climax bhagyaraj marries another girl.

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This article about a Tamil-language film of the s is a stub. Bhagyaraj, during his childhood, had lost his voice by seeing his mother drowning and losing her life while crossing a flooded river, due to his disability, he thinks that he is useless to live anymore, which becomes the reason for his multiple suicide attempts.

His first marriage was with actress Praveena, in Gopal shocks on seeing the photograph of his wife as she is a fat, ugly and uncultured.

comecy Retrieved 22 December From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Films directed by K. Ashwini is a doctor who enters the Siruvallur village to lead a peaceful life and she sees Bhagyaraj at different instances trying to attempt suicide. Her mother died when she was five years old and father remarried later. Gopal runs away from the place feeling guilty of spoiling a homely girls life, Banu understands that he slowly escaping from her and blackmails him that she is also pregnant and compels him to marry her.


Retrieved 22 December The movie is the debut in Tamil for lead pagunu Kalpana who is sister of actress Urvashi who made her debut with K.

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He witnesses his sister, father and lover anxiously anticipating for him for years. Chinna Veedu Literal English translation: Gopal feels that he made a sacrifice of his life by marrying a woman like Bhagyalakshmi. The film stars K.

All is well and a date is set to discuss the marriage proposal, during the discussion, Chellai Durais step-mother asks for more dowry than Ponnamalam can provide and the marriage proposal stops. Bhagyalakshmi understands his feelings and keeps quiet.

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Pavunu Pavunuthan is a Indian Tamil drama film written and directed by K. He keeps his identity secret to all villagers. Archived from the original on 24 December The films original soundtrack was composed by M. When her husband finds and brings Madhavan to take Vasanthi with him, she refuses to pavuhuthan, the movie ends with Bhagyrajs famous line my lover can become your wife but your wife can never become my comecy.