Use film and TV in my classroom. He did that frequently until he mastered how to play the guitar very well. He was a sanitary inspector, thrift collector, lesson tutor for pupils and in the night, he would perform as an artist in one club or the other. He had a friend called Papa Jaco, who was a veteran artiste and even had more experience than my daddy because he left music for theatre but the man had been in the theatre long before my daddy. You know that this just happened some days ago. But he suffered old age sickness due to the way he overworked himself when he was young. Distribution and exhibition funding. It was always like that.

He was jovial at home just like he was on stage. It was usually a time for those who failed or did not do well to get the cane. My daddy was a philanthropist; he could give out things you would not even imagine to people. From the drumbeats which preludes the drama series, families and fans gathered round TV sets to see another episode of Baba Sala’s hilarious drama was laced with native wisdom and comic relief. In the morning, they would wake us up, bathe us and prepare us for school. Future learning and skills. He played the guitar and did very well. A flashback shows that he has been fished out of the water from under the bridge he had thrown himself to commit suicide.

You know that this just happened some days ago. He gave them food and asked them to confess but they did not confess.

The production, which starred three of his recurring faces – Sala, Iya Sala and Adisa – also added to the growing fame of the comedian. The movie gave Baba Sala much prominence though he was gradually whining down on movie productions.


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Seven of The actor and filmmaker died on Sunday, October 7, as one of Nigeria’s earliest filmmakers and actor. So what more can you say about your daddy? Back to the top. Joywho then sends him off with two magical eggs and two of her disciples, to escort him back to earth.

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He played the guitar and did very well. He was very sad oru that day; he called all of us and told us that his name was being dragged in the mud because of the debt. CD3DC0 Share your story with us: Baba Sala staged a comeback with the movie in ffilm highlighted the talents of late magician, Professor Peller.

Future learning and skills — giving everyone the opportunity to build a lifelong relationship with film. Skills and business development funding. The unfortunate thing was that he had collected money for the show, so that was how his younger brother, Moses Omole, who was part of the band, asked who could perform as a substitute.

We used to play with him just twice or three times in a year because of his jobs. Classroom resources for teachers. The production had Baba Sala bringing out humour in political landscape while teaching morals.

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The Cherubim and Seraphim church where he gave his life to Christ was the same church where he eventually became the minister-in-charge till his death. Upon reaching earth in a lavish mansion, Karounwi has sex with the two disciples from the underworld, then breaks one of the eggs, which transforms into a huge pile of money. He did not want any of his children not to be disciplined.


Death tells him that he isn’t ready for his coming, Karounwi then ascends to meet the Ayo means: He mocked the rumour. Filk he was not laughing to a comedy, it means the comedian should do more.

My daddy was a stage comedian but we have stand-up comedians now. Archive content sales and licensing. My daddy taught him how to play the guitar.

Baba Sala forgave those who pirated Orun Mooru before he died –Emmanuel, son

But he employed two nannies for us. He would return and stay at home for a month, but that one month would be for rehearsal for the mkoru tour and it was just like that for a very long time.

He said they offended this man and he kept feeding them and kept asking the police not to torture them. Future learning and skills. Veteran actor moru comedian dead at That was how my father blessed him and prayed for him.

Find out about booking film programmes internationally. The film was originally shot on 35 mm filmbut was reduced to 16 mm film for distribution and exhibition. This page was last edited on 24 Februaryat Press releases and ogun enquiries.

He was jovial at home just like he was on stage. My daddy married wives and my mummy was one of them and he had children and I am one of the children.