Main Sokkla, with some Zutara and Taang but nothing major Avatar: Naruto and Danny Phantom Fusion. The beginning of an epic. Distorted Reality by Ogro reviews Two years after losing the war, a bitter and cynical Aang is told by the Avatar spirits that he has to relive his adventures – this time, with Zuko and Azula at his side in a war against the Water Tribes. Son of the Sea God by Sassenach reviews Zeus kills Sally Jackson with his master bolt when Percy is six months old, drastically changing Percy’s life and the course of his future. Help him win a girl 3.

Tobi is not amused! As Luffy slowly gathers them together again, the world will never be the same. I Want You to Want Me by InvisiMeg reviews When Rachel tries to help her best friend get a date with the new girl, she finds herself in an unlikely predicament once she finds herself falling for the same girl. Kitsune DxD by stitches reviews Naruto is given a second chance by Great Red and is turned into an infant kitsune yokai with no memories of his past. Thanks to that, five factors known the Uzumaki-Namikaze siblings awakened their powers, proceeding to kick ass. Rated M for mature content. Instead, a chance encounter with a young shinigami captain leads to startling revelations. Freedom has a Price by Bleedndreamz reviews Naruto had a problem.

Robin is on his way towards completing his bet against Gaius and the others.

His Parents and their friends fawned over Thomas, no matter what the older brother did. Heir of the Sage by Sillusion reviews When Yamato and Kakashi show Naruto how to find out his Elemental Affinity, they end up with far more than they bargained for!

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Will he redeem himself when an evil sorcerer casts Majin Buu upon the Earth? A Guardians Wish by BackwardsHazard reviews Tsukishima’s final attack curses Ichigo to a life away from all the people he loves and swore to protect. Gomu Gomu no Shinobi: Odds and Ends by kb0 reviews This will be a collection of stories that are not big enough to stand on their own, and they are available for adoption. This simple encounter nwaanime set him on a different path including new friends and new ambitions.


Childcare and Warfare Tales of an Irate Father of Twelve by King of Plot Bunnies reviews When they set up camp in the Carrion Isles, Robin had never expected to find himself confronted with a band of people from the future, let alone the future-children of his close friends.

The world is a strange place with a mysterious history. But what if someone had been there? But is Epusode the same? Robin Fire Emblem – Rated: Urahara and Yoruichi, unsurprisingly, have a suggestion or two Non elemental nations Naruto. Everyone he knows is there, but why are they acting so strangely?

Mature for a nwxnime. The Prince Of Darkness by Silent Songbird reviews “The greatest trick the devil pulled was convincing the world that there was eipsode one of him. Their fate is intertwined with that of the boy who is the embodiment of their ancestral opponent, the Will of Fire. All the young man ever wanted was to be a doctor, not some sort of Knight. How would things turn out then? Will I stop asking these questions? Across the Universe episodf BlackJoker reviews Do you remember the dreams you had as a child?

This is a story of a cure; of kindness and sorrow, of love lived and lost. The Line by livezinshadowz reviews When a young Ino tries to use the Shintenshin for the first time on Naruto, something goes eoisode and the two find themselves temporarily stuck in the other’s body. What if Naruto reached 4 tails sooner? Black and White by transparentchaos reviews 2677 world has had its longest length of peace since the Cell Games.

He has to, because Winter Is Coming and his enemies know it. Prepare for Glee 2. And what if Rachel had disappeared all of a sudden from the stage life? Naruto Naruto – Rated: Will Videl find them out, or will Gohan accidently let a few things slip? Will darkness take her or will she be saved. They didn’t make sense together, but they made it work.


Naruto Namikaze is a simple teen who only wants one thing, a happy and normal life.

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Through hardship and war, he had fallen in love, but he never expected for his brother and love to betray him. So, imagine how his life turns upside-down simply because a certain heiress found herself liking what she heard. If reading this fic took you on trip down memory lane, show me some love with a review. Male Surana and Leliana pairing. Ouroboros by maneyan reviews AU: The day he met the school most beautiful girl changed it completely. Jinchurikis Tale by Kdunc15 reviews What would have happened if the Akatsuki had attacked before the time skip?

He just wanted to hold her to love her. They’re in the Western Air temple, and a simple game can change everything, as they are all about to find out Satsuriku no Tenshi Senjuushi. The one person that truly understood him Now its time to keep those promises.

Videl just didn’t expect to find someone better than her in her own class. Especially when no one seems to care? After all, how could an Arrancar come to love a Human? Ultear was spared death due to the efforts of a Gray Fullbuster. Bleached thoughts by Writing bunny reviews Drabbles.

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Things heat up on the Thousand Sunny as the two begin to tease one-another. Cover image provided by AquariusWind.

Drabbles for the Soul by denytheworld reviews This is a collection of drabbles I’ve written for random communities from LJ and just for myself.