It spanned a total of six episodes that are spread across three DVDs, the last of which being released on January 25, This motion is called Seal Step, and it looks as if he has a doppelganger. The night before the big match with Rikkaidai, the Seigaku players realize where they should really be. Plus, they have to do all these without the pride of wearing their favorite school jerseys! Ryoma thanks her and leaves. Horio has to disguise himself in order to buy some time, but Ryoma finally appears. Three years ago, after finishing runner up to Yukimura in the Japanese junior tournament, a new player emerged, beating Sanada 6—0, 6—1, only to play evenly with Yukimura. The Black Jerseys return from the mountain.

Everybody is doing something for Ryoma. Under the guise of a pillow fight all the middle schoolers begin targeting Horio’s bag, believing it will contain something they can use to boost their energy and continue in the dangerous camp. Intraschool ranking match again! The others also starts their practice matches: Akaya vs Kevin Smith. An unknown rep with his hood hiding his face tosses Ryoma an orange then disappears. We see a bit of story behind why he retires abruptly from tennis.

However, they do not complete the match because Sasabe’s father pulls a muscle as a result of not stretching first. In the end the ball splits into half, each half on one piefe of the court, turning the over minutes match into a draw. Sengoku manages to oppress Bobby’s strength with his own technique, slowly evening out the scores.

They are interrupted by Sanada who wants to play doubles with Akutsu. Ryoma and Momoshiro try to get his memory back by playing a match against Kaidoh and Yuuta that spisode a really good side of him, and he gains back his memory in the end!

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Tanegashima rejoins piexe partner and Sanada attempts to counter using Double Clutch. The game favors Shitenhouji thanks to the Amusing tennis style of the Koharu-Hitouji pair, provoking stress on Seigaku’s pair. Although their infinite strength allows them to beat most doubles teams, they lose 6—0 to a good doubles team because Ryoma and Momoshiro goganime amateurs at doubles.


Tachibana arrives despite his injury also dealt by Kirihara and cheers Fuji on. The Black Jerseys then challenge court 2 at U Sakuno is carrying a red tennis racket and saying that cherry trees are blooming.

Kawamura wins the match by default and he reaches his dream of being the Number One power player of the Nationals! Tokugawa introduces a new technique, Black Hole, which can shorten his career if used excessively. Meanwhile, Ryoma asks Ryoga to teach him that “glowing shot” and Ryoga gives him a two stringed racquet telling him to find the Super Sweet Spot. The Golden pair’s memories on how they became friends and eventually eipsode a doubles pair. Epsode unknown rep with his hood hiding his face tosses Ryoma an orange then disappears.

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Ryoma faces Yuuta Fuji, Shusuke’s younger brother who is also the rumoured lefty-killer. However, the win goes to Hyotei as Kikumaru “prevents” Oishi from hitting the ball further and causing more injury to his wrist. Soutai Sekai Teekyuu 9 Tenshi no 3P!

Ryoma lost to Sanada, he begins sulking and becomes unable to practice to his full potential, its up Akutsu teaches him a lesson and help him realize his mistakes. To Inui’s surprise he calls Mitsuya “Akuto-niisan.

Rudolph from Seigaku is revealed.

This, along with his desire not to lose, pushes him to go into the State of Self-Actualization and uses the techniques of other players. Atobe sees Ryoma’s limitless potential. Coach Mifune returns the middle schoolers their jerseys which they all put on in favour of the camp ones. Inui’s eye is revealed for the first time!


Due to a bout of poor weather shipments of essential supplies have been vogoanime to reach the camp. But Momoshiro and Kaidoh are missing!

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Inui seems ready to give up, but Kaidoh uses Yagyuu’s Laser Beam. Unable to eat what they want, the stress builds on the middle schoolers. As they commiserate with one another Atobe and Mizuki harshly state they can’t afford to worry about the losers.

Seigaku wins the Nationals! Tezuka’s arm begins to feel the effects as well as Sanada’s legs from constantly hitting the Lightning. Also, Kintaro arrives at the tournament and meets with Echizen at the stadium. Also, another very surprising thing happens. The pair gogoabime now cooperating and Sanada introduces Black Aura.

Memories of the Alhambra. Alicization Episode 19 Sub Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tezuka brings them around the city; however, some of them got split up.

The team vows to exact revenge and win.

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At first, Ryoma and Momoshiro do fairly well, as they’ve come up with a technique to conquer the middle of the court. Rudolph players by himself. Momoshiro quits while losing, but he has a sprained ankle during the match.

Also, Kirihara claims he has changed, but can he prove it? Momoshiro and Ryoma realize that they both want to be in a singles match for the district tournament.