Damn it, I couldn’t help be tear up a bit this episode. I need to know where Yamaguchi went at the end. And I can’t wait for next week. Its nice that Hinata is skilled through practice and determination like a traditional shonen protagonist is, however I appreciate that there is also natural talent that can’t be be aquired through sheer hard work. We definitely need to get more Ennoshita! We try hard to keep the spam filter clean of legitimate content, but it catches a lot of posts.

In the manga it really seemed like he would have crashed into the bench if it had been there though. I loved that touch, they didn’t need to do it but it was just something little but so perfect. Yeah, Without knowing where the manga ends up making it to. This is what happens when an anime has excellent character development. It’s mentioned that they have the fire power to break through, but their defense seems pretty under rated. There is some natural instincts that Hinata has that take him above and beyond the average player.

Adding those drums made it so hype. Felt so bad for the other team too, especially when the captain started crying: It would be amazing to see him succeed without the pressures of game point. If you were to take Kuroko, a year later, half the team is gone, and they haven’t spent a lot of time making sure ssason backups can really take their place.

I want it now. Ennoshita’s last receive was amazing. I really hope that’s why. Also the last bit when Yamaguchi went to bathroom. List of legal streams and downloads. FUCK that match was so stressful, I cant see myself surviving some of their later games. It’s obvious the two of them have similar feelings about their performance in this match and they could’ve helped each other back up again. Yamaguchi still regrets what he’s done or haven’t done for the team.


Submit a new link. I think its the combination of Bokuto, Akaashi, seconnd Kuroo that really helped them all shine. Hopefully we may see the same thing with the other characters Yamaguchi will succeed next time I’m sure. I remember it from the manga and it made me appreciate the amount of attention that went into the little things. It just sort of happened at some point.

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It’ll be a nice parallel to S1 if Karasuno can win on a rematch vs Aoba Josai to finish out this season. Saeko is so the best.

Iirc it was a chair in the manga though which makes more sense to pick up if you sort of think about it. Believe me, I was as well.

I definitely full on cried because it’s just so fucking relatable. Failing to comply with the rules may result in your comment being removed. I NEED the song that plays at this part.

I guess Ennoshita as the next leader just developed out of his character like happens in real life. Because seriously, that poor guy needs a break, a pat on the back, and a hug.

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With Daichi, they’ve got a very solid ability to receive, complimented by the best Junior High libero. Btw the bathrooms in this anime is really where all action and drama takes place so when a character goes in a bathroom, you know shits gonna happen. Keep in mind they have restrictions in place to avoid spam.


Full song link posts are considered low-effort unless hsikyuu uploaded and newly released.


As always, Haikyuu manages to make me feel both happy and sad at the same time. Supposedly Ennoshita’s and Yamaguchi’s story was not planned from the beginning. Whether they just run through Hinata and Kageyama as first years.

Hopefully he gets a chance to succeed against the same opponents he first failed at! I attribute it to “absence makes the heart grow fonder” and the fact that there is now credible evidence to point to him being awesome and rugged.

It is not OK to try to sell your own stuff here. It’s nice seeing that Hinata isn’t the only person who was inspired by The Little Giant. Like, in addition to being “scary when angered”, he’s one of the densest characters in the series the only characters with a higher Haikyuu are all in Fukurodani and Date-kou, lol.

I’m really glad he got these receives Like he did the first time. Do not post spoilers in the submission title. Some of the best haikyuk of this season involved those three.