Some people sent film as early as September and haven’t heard anything at least until July We’re dropping the price of our beloved Lomo’Instant Wide Cameras! My plan is to take pictures of local kids’ sport teams and sell them. But the Nimslo printers were very few and now there are none Currently we have 2 print sizes on our very fine LPI photo emulsion lenticular material available. This 3D image is made possible by the lenticular printing process that was customized by the Nimslo inventors, though professional lenticular prints had been around for a while. Making prints is even more costly since half of them will be thrown away.

Information correct as of October 12, We do lenticular 3D prints from digital scans from the following film cameras as seen below:. I am expecting to print it within a month or two from now. Please write your last name in the box provided on the film process identification sticker, as an additional means of identification. I mean the 2 image version makes a fine 3-D example, so what’s up with that? So, whose game to try this out??

Although the idea of a consumer level camera that could make lenticular 3D prints similar to those that had appeared for many years on book covers and other novelty items certainly had appeal, it did not receive a large market share of camera develoing, partially due to the high costs of processing and longer wait times than traditional cameras.

By the end ofwe received quite a few negative comments, nimslp like this: The bird bath is about 15 feet from the building and about 6 feet from me. So sharp, so vivid and more fjlm no need of an eyewear that a lot of viewers often complained when they saw the art first time themselves….

The 3D trio featured 3 element coated glass lenses, built in flash, motorized film advance, automatic exposure control, compatibility with DX coded ASAand film, and a built in protective lens cover, making it the closest three-lens equivalent to the Nimslo.

The Nimslo is back in it’s bag awaiting another try with positive film which I had a tilm of success with in the 80’s. I might be sorry that I asked! Content we believe is abusive, deceptive, pornographic, obscene, defamatory, slanderous, offensive, or otherwise inappropriate.


It is still possible to use film cameras to create stereo prints or slides all over the world. Prohibited content guidelines generally devveloping but are not limited to the following: Information correct as of March 20, Karl, it’s time to get a second mortgage and buy a W Once I get a place for them I will establish a few terrariums for some live samples.

R Messina Italy Tel.: The lenticular print service is no longer available. In the summer ofNimslo was the fastest selling 35mm camera in the U. It is a very wet and dark day today. Want to give your Diana camera a makeover?

Nimslo – Wikipedia

Not a happy experience Karl I’m with Neal though, grit your teeth, bite the bullet, rob the piggy bank and get a W1, you’ll love it. Before sending us your files, send us an email to info snap3d.

Search tags for this page. October 20, I numslo this frog at my day job Back to the Stereoscopy.

Sending by courier will only add to your shipping cost but not make it any faster at my end for you. This material is ideal for animations up to 6 frames and 3D prints fllm 2 to 6 images. These sources are provided for information only and do not imply recommendation by Stereoscopy. Every time, I get the same old sob story about shortage of staff, too much work, etc etc.

Very good depth and clarity. We know Lomographers are adventurous and we want to make sure you are properly equipped.

Nishika 3D camera image developing

This led to the cancellation of the Timex contract. Below is my Leap Frog: Most artists prefer to show than tell, especially with their feelings. Inmslo material that is used developinf the permission of the owner. You can use any black and white or color film as long as it is negative C41 and not transparency E6. Lenticular prints are like a ribbed plastic and the 3D effect can be seen without glasses.


Go wide and go wild with the Lomo’Instant Wide! These masks were sometimes put in metal frames and placed between glass, much like Realist format slides. You then have the possibility of getting flat prints made locally, pending the arrival of the 3D deceloping.

The companion flash has only a single contact in addition to ground.

I decided on using some ASA film I’ve had for a while forgetting it shoots or The camera was described as a great advance in photography but the sales debeloping keep it afloat.

This machine used a video system and was able to create a picture in about 15 seconds.

Reviewing the Nimslo 3D Camera

The problem of paying for twice as devloping prints could be solved by covering the two center lenses, but that doesn’t solve the problem of film wastage. The dot that was green on negatives was red on slide film and so stereo hobbyists could tell which chip was the left frame after cutting the nnimslo by looking for the red dot.

Others used the Nimslo to produce half frame prints that could be used to make stereo cards which could be viewed in conventional stereoscopes.

In February they seem to be unavailable, their telephone-number being directed to a full voice-mailbox. Another company, Nishiki, tried to copy the Nimslo idea but those cameras are junk. However, there is a mailing cost to send the finished lenticular prints back to developijg. We hope to have a wider variety of sizes available later. I will set up a new thread on that topic. If I ever have to go to the “home” I’ll simply end my fi,m quickly or meet up with my friends who live in the creek bed.

Butkus, 29 Lake Ave.

Still receiving negative feedback: Do not touch the lenses.