Also you can’t renew the contract of anyone you want to secure on your team, until his contract is about to run out. It is maybe for a second, but it shows that the game was not optimised as it should have been. Very Dishonest business structure! Perhaps the developers should try going out and actually see people playing football before making such a stupid mistake. Advance shooting is too hard to control but might be useful for better players than I but the normal shooting is always, always delayed. Defenders and attackers off the ball movements have completelly destroyed. Might not be as good as the competition, but had a significant improvement from the last version no, even though the sound has seen PES is definitely some good fun.

I will stick to PES for one more year and hope that will bring overall improvement to the game. Generally unfavorable reviews – based on Ratings. It’s shocking how lazy the developers seem to have been on this game, it’s as if they focused all their resources into converting the engine into a basic football game that they didn’t have time for anything else. They are explicitly violent. In time, maybe we will have a really good and fun football game if Konami keeps up the good work they’ve done on this one. This is going to be a hell of a fight with the well started FIFA series, however, it has to start somewhere. Also the uncontrolled player of your team are very stupid and in most Good graphics and worst games play ever.

You find yourself cramping the controller and pressing buttons harder and mext, hoping to get quicker responses from your player Might not be as good as the competition, but had a significant improvement from the last version no, even though the sound has seen improvements, the commentary still sucking some royal “s”.

On the Prosecution or Persecution of Poets

Log in to finish rating Pro Evolution Soccer The new engine novelty wears off very quickly, as it is a prettier game but by no means jaw dropping. If they dont low the price, ill never get Konami games again. Yes, is not perfect but it is a big step for a biggest change for the next generation. Worst PES I’ve played.

Too bad there’s not much alternative here: Terrible licencing, awful likenesses. I have had fewer than 10 games on it so admittedly, I don’t really know the game so well, but akonaml problem is, I just don’t feel any motivation to get to know it.


I haven’t touched a soccer game since PESand seeing i bought a new gamepad for my pc, i wanted to try this one after the FIFA 14 demo, i am amazed how the seasln still look just as horrible as they did in !

When you press a button, you would expect that the game will perform selected action immediately.

Despite the good graphics only about 50 players have real faces. The court unanimously ruled that burning a photograph of the king did not constitute incitement to hatred or violence, but was rather a legitimate act of political protest, protected under the principle of free speech. Perhaps the developers should try going out and actually see people playing football before making such a stupid mistake. Offline, this plays exceptionally well, its challenging and enjoyable, still plenty of room to improve, all the controls feel slow particularly switching between players which feels like an aeon passes before it changes.

But to lose two-and-a-half years of her life to house arrest, enduring a prolonged trial dissecting her choice of words in a poem to determine whether it did or did not incite violence? Now, you really have the felling you are playing at a With a big changes this year, especially in gameplay and visual terms, expectations were big.

PlayStation 3Xbox Your own teammates AI will always let you down, they seem to completely fall back whenever the ball is lost in the opposition area so you have to physically control them to go back and press. The shooting is the worst part. So basically when they made it almost impossible to make first touch passes, they broke the game completely,it makes this game unplayable. Broken gameplay in that long range shots are near impossible to score, defending is silly, tackling is unrewarding and based on chance.

The passing, the running, the shooting all feels as if you’re moving in a plate of jelly. On top of that Konami are really slow to try and fix these problems. Please sign in or create an account before writing a review.

On the other hand, the ETA just officially announced its complete dissolution after calling a definitive end to its armed campaign inand the Catalan independence movement has been notably characterized by nonviolent, peaceful protest. Konami has made mistakes on many of its games, 214 few are completely perfect.


The other main issue and the akojami frustrating is the worst passing technique, the player happily pass the ball to the opposition player and I throw my new gamepad. MNL is not good and we can focus on building the best team.

www Akonami com PESEdit Patch 6 0 BY BlueRainBoy

A big improvement for the franchise, no doubt. If you don’t read this please look at the User Score. The defending AI is wo weak against spams and every online player, Be it a “regular” or “Super Star” tends to spam the passes to forvets Played many many Matches the last days.

In March, the European Court of Human Rights acquitted two Catalan protesters who had been convicted of a similar crime. Hoping best in PES And that is completely ridiculous in a country that claims to be free and democratic. It is already good compared to other football games.

Worst feature by far is the Angry birds like targeting system when executing set Such a step back for the franchise. Graphics are poor even on high settings. It’s so unrealistic, so that a fast player like Walcott can be outrun by the likes of Hummels and Pepe just because he’s on the ball? Players have absolutely 0 passing accuracy. ANd the faults of the game are so obvious that it begs the question of why they had to be reported The highest difficulty setting is challenging. Tatour was arrested in after posting a video on Facebook.

Opponent players are pretty clever, maybe too much magical defendingbut the goalkeepers are not impressive at all. I think both Valtonyc and Tatour must be aware that though they, themselves, may never have meant for their words to be interpreted violently, there are people in their fan bases who might do so.

Your player slowly accelerates and then decelerates. The control was horrible, positioning by the players is like they never play football before, and dribbling does not make sense at all.

So the dissapointment could not be greater.