Episode Ep Jun 22, Episode Ep Jul 27, Episode Ep Nov 21, He doesn’t feel sorry for what he did; he just sees it as getting his own back on Tash for how she’s treated him. Rhys then turns it around and tells Karl to go and find someone to have a relationship with! Episode Ep Oct 2, Episode Ep Jul 21, Add the first question.

Episode Ep Jul 11, Episode Ep Jul 5, After putting her heart on the line, Summer is devastated to learn that Bradley has left without her! Episode Ep Jun 23, Meanwhile, can Andrew win her over? Episode Ep Oct 24, Can he win her back?

Toadie drags her to her feet and insists they go to the class.

Sophie isn’t happy after Andrew refuses to let her work on Red Cotton’s music video and she decides to ask Priya’s permission instead. Lucas admits to Emilia that he feels uncomfortable about her moonlighting as a nude model after he learns the truth. Episode Ep Jun 14, Episode Ep Oct 24, Episode Ep Dec 1, Chris hasn’t told his family about Aidan, and it’s starting to affect their relationship. That’s the only offer you’re going to get.

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I thought we talked about this. Meanwhile, Andrew’s secret illness comes out – in public. Episode Ep 45 Mar 10, Episode Ep 4 Jan 13, Episode Ep Aug 15, Connor is back in Erinsborough and he is raising eyebrows everywhere he goes.


With the wedding looming, Lucas is fairly sure he’s going to get the girl. Happy to have to win an award for her efforts on the paper, Summer is convinced to hold a celebratory dinner.

Number 30 Sonya is relaxing while Toadie makes dinner. Will he hurt his former friends? Summer and Andrew haven’t been seeing eye to eye for ages – is neihgbours the end for them? Meanwhile, Francesca has a solution. Episode Ep Aug 9, Episode Ep Dec 7, Unmissable Neighbours continues as Ramsay St has a baby explosion! Episode Ep Oct 26, Episode Ep Dec 6, nrighbours Sonya gives up and walks out.

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Does he like Rani for real? Ed taunts her to be his challenger in epislde the tutor wants them to do solve some equation and while Ed gets the plaudits for solving it, Tash is told she’s still got some catching up to do!

episods Episode Ep Oct 9, Episode Ep 15 Jan 28, Kate feels forced to work with Lou to keep Sheila off the scent. Meanwhile, are those sparks flying between Rhys and a episodw in green?

Lucas thanks him and leaves. Episode Ep 83 May 3, Episode Ep Sep 28, Andrew puts an end to Sophie and Corey’s romance before it gets a chance to blossom. Meanwhile, Toad’s stress overwhelms him. Lucas tells Sonya he’s bought Number 32, she’s thrilled for him and Vanessa.



Sheila is able to convince Kyle that a huge romantic gesture is needed to win back Jade. Episode Ep Aug 3, Sophie is determined to win respect at her new school. Episode Ep Sep 12, Edit Did You Know? Concerned about Toadie, 4657 remains in the dark about Paul’s determination to reclaim his job as editor. I can’t live here and I won’t.

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She does appreciate what he’s done for her, and she wants to move in with him. The time has come to say goodbye to Audrey, but it won’t go quite as Karl and Susan had planned. Callum refuses to visit Troy despite his critical condition. Episode Ep Aug 25, Episode Ep 36 Feb 28, Can their relationship survive these lies?

Connor is still pretty happy to act like a child with Toadie, but he’s about to get a serious reality check. What’s his next neiyhbours

Meanwhile, Susan’s new look attracts attention.