Sheila asks Kyle what the matter is with him, she’s worried about him. The officer says that Toadie can defend himself in the magistrate’s court in 2 weeks time. Are you saying she’s pregnant? Number 30 Sonya bursts in and apologises for letting Troy get to her and that she wants to go to the party too. Sheila says it took Kate a lot of guts to be up front with him, and says they’ll sort it out. So why are you leaving in a huff, then? Yes people can be so uncouth these days, like that lot out there.

You’ve got friends in the clergy? They then go on to chat about the merits of Lucas’ suggestion although Vanessa’s still no closer to a decision and jokes with Sonya if she wants to swap partners! He tells him he’ll make a great dad. Lucas isn’t sure about that, with only his own father as a role model! Monday on Neighbours – Sonya tells Vanessa that Lucas is a good man, most of the time. Yes, he wanted someone there who could converse with the Duchess on her own level. Sonya isn’t amused to see Troy when she comes out to check the mail and when he tries to get her to talk, bluntly tells him to drop the case and leave!

Sonya takes a few deep breaths then says he can stay but equally they all move away from where he’s standing!

I’ve been drifting ever since I finished school. Number 26 Sheila comes in with a plate of sandwiches and the best line of the episode.

He says the escort business is going well, neighbohrs he had to get jelly belly to send some of his British comedy DVDs so he could get the accent right for Dawn. We really should be going Lou temporarily forgets his English accent, but then puts it on againmuch to do! Oh really, I’ve heard him called lots of things before, but never a gentleman.


She and her family have done enighbours but cost our country money every time they decide to visit.

Shortland Street 6416 Episode 5th February 2018

No, no, no, I nearly missed the ultrasound Everyone claps enthusiastically and Tash looks stunned. Ramsay Street Sonya and Toadie are sitting at a table in the midst of the party when they see Callum arrive. Lou leaves Dawn in the living neighbohrs, walks about 3 steps to the kitchen and whispers to Kate that he doesn’t know what to do you have to go with the notion that Neighbkurs is unable to hear Lou even though he’s within earshot for this scene to work.

She says she has work to do herself – she has to do a presentation to the whole class this afternoon.

Neighbours Episode from –

You’ve met the Duchess of Kent? It’s a good excuse for a street party this jubilee thing. Troy rushes out holding his nose, Karl asks if he’s alright, Troy says no and goes to his house.

Dieter Brummer Sheila Canning: I have to pretend I’m wind.

Shortland Street Episode 5th February

He doesn’t know if he and Kate can be friends, he feels guilty just being around her. Thanks for your support. I want to be with you Kyle. Sonya and Toadie are watching from across the party, Sonya’s pleased that Karl has neighbous away, and she’s appalled that Troy’s trying it on with their friends. Later Vanessa arrives home and Lucas prepares episore some leftovers for supper.

Vanessa arrives home and Lucas prepares them some leftovers for supper. She tells them she has to do a “visual representation of the body in space”. Oh no, we met through Kate.


They tell her to go and rehearse for her performance. Lou can’t have the neighbours realising what he’s doing, so Kate tells him to stall her.

Tash gets splashed by sausage fat, so Chris tells her to hide behind a mask of the Queen.

He doesn’t think so, telling her he’s episodd 3 messages and she hasn’t returned any of them. Ramsay Street Everything is just about ready for the Jubilee party and just as Kate is about to have a rather serious chat with Kyle, he spots Toadie and Sonya approaching and turns into host mode, offering them food.

Lucas comes into the store and Vanessa says they should have a nickname for their bubs too. Yeah, well, University’s not cheap Ramsay Street Toadie, Sonya and Callum they really should all have the same last name, I’m tired of writing all their names when they are as a group have joined the party.

Neighbours | Episode 7067 | 24th February 2015

Later Vanessa and Lucas are gabbling about seeing the baby’s heartbeat. He is a bit hesitant at the idea, which causes her to blow her top and wonder how they can even share a house together! She asks him to go with him as a companion and tour guide, as he’ll be able to get them into wonderful places, perhaps even meet the Duchess of Kent.

Yes indeed, it was through a good friend of mine. Kyle bumps into Kate at the salad table. What’s there to celebrate?