Marcia Hines passes judgement on Karl’s musical future and Mickey is trapped in an abandoned chest. Maureen McInerney Ticket Attendant: Get the tissues out, for starters. I don’t know a punching bag or something. Joan Sydney Justin Hunter: Pepper Steiger missing missing from regular cast list.

Police storm Nick’s caravan to find he and Laura have fled with Declan, but Rebecca’s private deal also goes awry and Declan escapes only to find danger in the bush. Carmella attracts more than the business interests of a charming investor, Marco. Steve and Miranda are distraught and lie to Bridget, telling her that physiotherapy will help her regain her strength. Joan Sydney Laura Davidson: The neighbourhood rallies to find Mickey. Which I’m not and I happen to be angry, which you’re not I know, then would you take that on board? Riley stuns Oliver with a very public attack at the end of the marathon.

Susan suffers a frightening collapse.

Steve tells Miranda and Riley to remain positive for her; he knows his daughter will beat this. She plays it down although we can tell she is upset about it. Oliver tries to stop Declan making an explosive mistake but Rebecca worries about their new bond. Giving into his frustration, he throws the stick onto the ground and spots a 5l canister of fuel and heads inside with it.

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Joan Sydney Laura Davidson: Erinsborough Hospital Didge wakes up to see her dad by her side, and she says she knows that Miranda is freaking out.

She storms off to go get a drink, and Steve reiterates to his son that everything will be okay. Riley telling Declan that Didge doesn’t want to see him again. Janae learns Ned didn’t tell her of Kirsten’s return.

Tania Lacy Josh Taylor: The Assassination of Gianni Versace: Rebecca worrying that Declan’s lost in the bush, and calling for him. Mickey wants to mix the seeds in episoed so it will be a surprise when they grow. Hospital Declan is in with Dr Levi but as much as Levi tries to get him to open up, he just repeats what happened to him and that he is fine.


The General Store Riley is writing an article on Declan; hopefully one with better grammar than the one he wrote about Susan. Karl almost catches Rachel returning the exam paper. Jesse Rosenfeld Valda Sheergold: The General Store Just as Paul is about to tuck into a piece of cake Lou has delivered, Rebecca 530 on how nice it is that she isn’t going through things alone anymore what with Ollie off looking after Declan and Paul looking after her.

She’s really upset because Declan’s probably cold.

He’s going to give Jake some medicine to make him better. Chris Toohey Dale Hunter: Ned suggests that he is still worried about Jake but Janae points out that he is okay with him and Lou. Josh helps Bridget rebuild her confidence and Valda realises the website is a scam. Chris Toohey Ash Schwimmer: Didge sends her out to check if Steve has brought the car round and when she leaves, Didge starts to dress herself but gets frustrated when she can’t get the sleeve round to her weak side and becomes even more so when she spots the girl who was being hoisted out of the water managing to dress herself fine.

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Pepper Steiger missing missing from regular cast list. Declan Napier Ian Smith Miranda doesn’t want to admit to their daughter the extent of her injuries, but thinks she has a right to know that Susan hit her. Ned tells Mickey that Didge’s accident is different to his grandparents, and you just don’t know who’s going to die or not.

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Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Joan Sydney Jude Troy: Bridget must handle an animal emergency. Steph improves her political fortunes but loses a big battle.

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Then how else am I episodee to let it out of my system? She sees her husband sitting alone on the sofa, and he admits that he doesn’t know if Jake will make it. Roger Neave James Anderson: Ringo faces tough love when Frazer calls on mum Prue to help.

Oliver tries to stop Declan making an explosive mistake but Rebecca worries about their new bond.

Which, of course, she does. Ringo has a pretty young admirer who won’t take no for an answer. Jane Allsop Justin Hunter: Riley stuns Oliver with a very public attack at the end neighbourd the marathon.

Ned Parker Fletcher O’Leary Susan faces a very public arrest, while Valda inspires Carmella to invest in her future online.

Neighbours Episode 5320

Number 26 Mickey wants to go and see Didge, but Ned and Janae tell him that she’s too sick for them to go tonight. When she spots another girl being hoisted from the pool in a wheelchair Francie involved in a car accident 3 months ago James informs usthis seems to make her more determined 53320 carry on working when he suggests that she’s had enough for the day.

Jenny Seedsman Marco Silvani: Aaron Sterns Policeman 2: Ben Schumann Trent McWilliams: He should try and make a difference in people’s lives now, and let his family be his second chance.

Jane Allsop Helen Carr: