But the guess might have a clear reason which made her successfully come out of the question. Annamaiah He took lifeline here and successfully moved ahead. Sonia Gandhi She took Phone a friend life line here. In cricket how many delivers is called an over? Which dynasty King Ahoka belongs to? Lets wish all the best to her.

Srinivas Mohan Sound Design: The Daniel and Miss prym d. In those 6 episodes, 9 participants played the game who came from different economic backgrounds. Pens He took audience poll here, in which he received option C as answer. Rao Gopala rao b. Mariecom belongs to which state?

Umakanth is a walking encyclopedia where he gives the answer before the options given and with clear explanation for every question he was asked. Who is the only lady emperor who achieved Delhi throne?

Chiranjeevi Surprise Gift | Nagarjuna | Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu | MEK Grand Finale – Filmibeat

Finally her guess came true. This episode is really convincing blended with general knowledge with a star heroine. You must be logged in to post a comment. Group satellite Launching vehicle 8. And it is a must watch episode. Which of the following metals were traditionally used for the filigree work from karimnagar? For a question asked by Nagarjuna, What is the positive and negative point in your father? Edit Cast Credited cast: Which is the fourth planet from the sun?


Naa which of the following days Easter is celebrated? The town of London c.

Umakanth has taken hot seat through FFF with just two questions answered with much accuracy. How many grand slam tournaments are held in tennis every year?

Nirmal chandar Vij d. When she was crying, Nagarjuna Took her to his hands. Sobharani, who meelo from Tenali took hot seat through FFF.

Hats off to him. Bindu Madhav, who lost so many times in FFF of Meelo Evaru Koteeswaruduhas taken hot seat with just two questions correct with his speed he used for his first two questions.

Venugopal, who is from abject poor background, and never give up government educated student aspired to become a teacher. How many faces for Ghanam Cube?

Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu

It is a myth that a child who starts his education in English medium only can speak and can communicate in English Language. Vishrava She had taken lifeline here which saved her to reach the second safe point. Again Fastest Finger First started.


Portugese For this question, She has used both the remaining life lines but could not answer and she said quit and left with Rs. Jodi Specials starting from Christmas. Which of the following countries is also called as Burma? Which of the following is kept on the heads of bride and groom one to other during marriage? As both the veteran watched the emotional tit bits on the AV, they got emotional and naba eyes were filled with tears.

Ravi quit here with Rs. Ravi could answer to the last two questions here today. It would have been expected she would fhaitanya. Duryodhana She used her another life line phone a friend here and successfully moved ahead.

Nee manasu naku telusu c.