First things first, pick your outfit! I ran into Melody this afternoon who was studying history. I met iris at main hall,and violette at main hall ,amber at courtyard,kim at main hall,Lysander at hall 2 two times,and finally castile at gym I chose insist for cg. It must be a sign! Unlocks a photo later. Then we went to the park. After receiving the message, head to Classroom A for your History Exam.

Here, take my address in case. You need at least 80 LoM with Kentin for his though. I can see that! After some dialogue, you are properly woken up by Kentin who ended up being there late due to his detention. But I like Castiel a lot…. Head back into school and down the hall.

No… I had a horrible weekend. They are even coming to my place! If you choose A: Do you have any idea of what the subject will be? Are you sure that this is what you want? This will be fun! I got carried away, I should never have told you that. It seems you needed to talk.


If you chose A. You should understand, right? Why does it interest you?

Found after you wake up in the Library the first time. First things first, pick your outfit! If you’re still concerned, which it is understandable to worry, you can contact support beemoov.

Why would I care? Will you forgive me?

We met headmistress there O: Once you get inside, you should get a message from the Principal over the intercom. Like with Aunt Agatha, this is not instant and can take a while. During the second part of the test, Li will collapse. I thought walkthorugh my dream all of a sudden… – C. At the hospital, head inside and after some dialogue, take the elevator up to the third floor.

Teddy bear increases your LoM with Kentin. Did you know there was a colony of Growlithes in your neighborhood?

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

You need to play at least three times to get them all. I prefer the black one! Now finally,were down to business.


No, of course not! Besides convincing Amber to admit that it was her, I don’t see how. It must be a sign!

I met nath at main hall and he told me where rose could be. You are a good person. Lend some money to Li.

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Prove to him or to yourself? So, why did you wait so long? I didn’t really appreciate that either, I’ll have to admit Then make your way Home. Do you all want to go get a soda of something to celebrate our efficiency?