Basically, the most underqualified you could be. Ha Yeon Soo Main Cast. But the kid’s already there and its not expected that he’ll last long there, so is there any need to be so explicitly nasty? The next call is in English, and he needs to drag Young-yi to take the call for him again. I swear I saw at least three actors from that drama: Maybe he messed up in the past, or maybe he didn’t put enough effort, but it’s pretty clear that he’s just being judged too in the hypocrisy in that judgment is esp.

Kim Min Young Supporting Cast. But I think he’s deceiving himself into thinking it was something beyond his control. Kang sora is such an eye candy and I miss her in this corporate role since ugly alert. I’m still high after finishing first ep of liar game. He does blame himself for not working hard enough, and has the appropriate shame when it comes to that, but that’s as far as it goes. Eh, but it’s true! They sideline him and force him to go back to a regular high school and live the life of a normal teenager. If all my exams were multiple choice, they wouldn’t be a fair assessment of my abilities.

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Jo Jae Yoon Supporting Cast. Sais-tu de quel dramas ou films proviens cette image?

Oh, I’m so sorry revlow. But the work environment created on the show is extremely relatable.

Just ask someone – anyone — to do multiple copies double-sided and stapled and possibly with the larger original image size shrunk to fit the standard paper size ——— many don’t realise that copy machines can do this for you, and when they do realise can’t figure out how or stand there fiddling around for 30 minutes and wasting lots of paper.


Or maybe he didn’t.

It’s interesting to see that this is following Plus Nine Boys which also had monsstar very melancholy feel to it because it has a similar vibe, although it’s a different type of melancholy. Then he gets straight to the point: I haven’t started this drama yet, but now y’all have got me excited about it. When he gets a call, he tries to pick up and drops his phone into the watery squid pile. But he pitifully notes that it seems like Geu-rae has no friends; looking through the files felt like looking through strdaming diary.

JJK October 21, at 6: I have to say monstqr wasn’t obvious if he had reasons for that or not, at least, not for me. His co-workers are vile.

Very glad that Yoo-Na’s Street finally has some competition. He understands that his family is having a difficult time, but he urges Geu-rae to quit his job and put his all into his final qualifying chance. Please encourage them by leaving a comment below!

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Has no business training, no economics or finance background. I like this drama so far. Ninja Assassin – No Breathing. Yay, i waited for a recap on db: I imagine I’ll watch this until it finished, a real ordeal for K-drama for me.

Monstar Episode 2 [English Substitles]

But I think he’s deceiving himself into thinking it was something beyond his control. I liked Monstar, although it fell a bit apart at the end. The funny thing is that epiwode three of them are kind of reprising their roles from Monstar. Alexis Muench AMradio24 October 21, at 8: Lee Minhyuk Supporting Cast.


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From my useless looking up I did find out she played Merida in the Korean dubbing of Brave. Khaada October 21, at 5: My mentor who was gay just streamiing away this year, and I appreciate his kindness in helping me that day. Loving all the actors, btw. Didn’t even realize it, really.

Just like Vosyfr Rae lost his father at a young age, my son lost his father at a young age. After he leaves, Geu-rae acknowledges this: He confronts his superior, telling him straight to the face that he monstqr got the skills and doesn’t know but he wants to be learn and that he wants his superior to teach him.

Episde his breath, he says that he needs to call the Department Manager, so Geu-rae stays on top of his memorized extensions and connects him. Department Chief Oh converses with a coworker down the hallway and asks him to send him some good interns. The factory manager finds Geu-rae still searching through the squid containers and notifies him that the rest of his intern team left.