Unaware of the double standards she sets, Kirsteen is trapped in a society where belonging to the upper class, but being unmarried, means she can only rise so far. This is the story of Lucilla, the doctor’s daughter who comes home from school to take charge of the town of Carlingford, and to be a comfort to papa. The Doctor, who had looked a little grim at first, could not but laugh when he saw the sober look of care and thought with which Miss Marjoribanks examined her capabilities in the glass. Desperate Reader February 2, at As for poor papa, he seems to take care of himself just fine without his daughter during her years away from home: Her confidence in her own abilities and the correctness of her thinking never wavered and was inspiring to read.

Handling the Truth, by Beth Kephart 5. I’m about to teach Miss M for the second time; it’s one of my very favourite Victorian novels, and I think far far better than “Hester”. Lucilla is a master at coordinating events, bringing people together, and averting scandals. Against the advice of all of her friends in Carlingford, Lucilla decides to stay at the house, instead of moving out where a single woman could better support herself. How do we feel, for example, about her philistinism; her egoism; her lack of a sense of humour; her incessant game-playing and manipulation of those around her; her elevation of social vices and virtues to the status of moral ones? So I quit at 42 percent because at this point, I don’t care what happens to anyone. Though the narrator is ostensibly a “biographer” or “historian” for Lucilla Marjoribanks, this narrator’s claims to seriously admire Lucilla’s equanimity and her “career” are clearly tongue-in-cheek. There is Barbara Lake, a poor drawing-master’s daughter with a beautiful contralto voice, with whom Lucilla sings a duet.

She admits she is not a rebel and it’s prejudice to actually working hard, so buying an estate and having a traditional country society makes sense but it’s disappointing. Cavendish shows some interest in Lucilla, however he also shows marjogibanks in Barbara, especially in her singing voice which he seems to be obsessed with. Cavendish veering from highs to lows and undecided of what choices he should make.


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Well I have certainly never met a character like Miss Lucilla Marjoribanks. Lucilla clearly suspects the impostor was Mr.

Cavendish lost some face because he had gone over to the Lakes’s house when Barbara had returned, and was seen having spent some time on a Saturday evening with her. Two years later, after a grand tour of the continent, marjoeibanks returns to Carlingford with the intent of whipping Carlingford society into shape.

The book actually makes you think what would have happened if Lucilla had been born a men or in another era. Popular posts from this blog The Sunday Salon. Lark February 3, at 9: Feb 05, Lee rated it really liked it Shelves: So, the first period of Miss Marjoribanks’ life is anticlimatic.

This book started out a little slowly, but once the plot got going, I could hardly put it down, reading the last pages in just over a day, which is pretty fast for a Victorian.

I just delighted in the fun of it. A Son of the Soil.

Margaret Oliphant

Though Oliphant was a well-known literary figure of her time, she has only recently received critical attention from modern scholarship. The marjoribankks goes on, and at first it seems that Cavendish was gaining an advantage having secured the Rector Bury’s support by saying that he was a penitent. May 11, Slackyb rated it it was amazing.

There seems to have been phrasing women were taught at a young age that was scripted to respond either in the negative or the affirmative. Oliphant is absolutely original in her efforts. Is she all the more likeable for not being an angel or a saint? This was the first novel completed in this year’s Victober event and now on to the next Bobby Eason All can be enjoyed stand-along.


It offers a carefully wrought lattice of personality characteristics of a protagonist who becomes endearing beyond expectations. It is great stuff to watch Lucilla assert her mastery and control over each of them; but not in an egotistical or obsequious fashion, but done in a manner that makes each of them feel like it is the right thing to do.

In fact, I found it quite hard not to read Miss Marjoribanks as some marjoribankss of feminist fable.

This is the second book I’ve read by Margaret Oliphant, who was a prolific Victorian writer, producing more than works. After the ordeal, the Archdeacon and Mrs.

Of course, if I could get previous generations through Melville’s The Confidence Man, then it may all work out! I fell in love with Lucilla the first time I read the book — laughed out loud in more than one place — and particularly admired how unflinchingly Oliphant takes us through individual scenes, providing dialogue that seems almost “screenplay ready”. The Perpetual Curate is my favorite, but Salem Chapel is a bit drear. Definitely goes on my ‘possibly to read’ list for the Classics challenge!

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Barbara from the start resents Lucilla’s “helping” her, and Lucilla’s patronizing attitudes. You cheer for her, you laugh at her and with her and are completely entertained and invigorated by her antics.

Janice If you don’t mind reading an electronic copy, download it from Project Gutenberg! The Laird of Norlaw, a Scottish Story. The Chronicles of Carlingford 7 books.