Our range of products is superior in quality and caters to the requirements of various automobile Industries. Simply select the Auto Repeat Mode and follow the on-screen prompts to ensure the highest level of measurement accuracy. Please feel free to contact us on:. Stable design with additional tail-end support. The measurement of the coating thickness is based on magnetic attraction. In addition to the:

All coating thickness gages are influenced to some degree by substrate roughness. The new Mikrotest 7 combines the proven measuring principle of magnetic attraction with digital technology. Analytical Balances AS [ Analytical balances ]. Substrate condition, coating adhesion, microscopic cracking, brittleness, blistering and intercoat adhesion can also be measured The and models have a large memory which can be split into batches for storage and later printout or download to PC. Sheen Coating Thickness – Wet Film.

As a magnetic principle instrument, the PosiTest will measure the thickness of non-magnetic coatings applied to ferrous metals. You are working with a manufacturing process requiring special jicrotester methods and tools?

Back to top PT. The magnets owe their long-lasting durability to the unique ElektroPhysik manufacturing process, which also makes them remain within the tolerance values for decades. Positest G Coating Gauge, microns scale.

The attractive force is related to the distance between a permanent magnet and a steel substrate. Is the PosiTest calibrated at the factory?

Magnetic coating thickness gauge MikroTest – ElektroPhysik

These typically do not include actual instrument readings, and are often insufficient to meet common quality requirements. This video will guide you through a range of calibration options for both the integral and the separate models.

Press button on bottom of handle take make the microtwster adhere to surface 4. Formal quality systems, such as those described in ISOrequire coating thickness gauges to be properly controlled, logged and calibrated.


The measurement of the coating thickness is based on magnetic attraction. This measuring principle is also especially suited for electroplated nickel on copper, gquge and other non-ferrous metals.

Each probe placement jig is supplied with a probe housing and a component holder to suit Scale 1 or Scale 2 straight probes.

Using the ultrasonic principle, the gauge can measure up to three coatings individually or in total up to a maximum of microns. Compared with the PosiPen, the PosiTest provides superior accuracy and improved ease-of-use by using a large dial to increase spring pressure, and by holding the displayed mjcrotester reading after being removed from the coated part.

The MikroTest is supplied with the following items: How to measure dry film thickness using the Elcometer Coating Thickness Gauge. Digital Coating Thickness Meter in Delhi.

The balanced measuring system ensures accurate readings at any angle: Before measuring the scale wheel is turned as far as it will go and once started the built-in locking mechanism automatically carries out the process of measurement. Place the probe inside the Jumbo Hand Grip and take measurements – ideal when wearing gloves.

The MikroTest is supplied in 11 different models to be suitable microotester every requested application. Nature of Business Retailer.

Outside micrometers, thickness gauges

The MikroTest is the most ddry used coating thickness gauge in the world over the last 40 years. We Accept Printable Order Form. Here at last – the product of our uncompromising pursuit of ultimate usability.

Digital Wine Refractometer WM It offers both high resolution measurement and ease of use. Turn the scale wheel to the gaute stop and then slowly turn the wheel backwards by hand until the magnet releases from the object to be measured.

Wet Film Thickness Gauge.

Elcometer 456 IPC Dry Film Thickness Gauge

Dft Meters in Mumbai. The force needed to lift the magnet is directly related to the angle of rotation of the torsion spring. The traditional way of measuring coating thickness on steel. Measurement of grape must concentration can be taken by When measuring thin coatings, the readings are displayed in steps of 1 or 0. The measurement of the coating thickness is based on magnetic attraction. No annoying rocking during measurement.


MikroTest 6 Automatic drive mechanism of the measuring device by tension spring storage. Sheen Coating Thickness – Dry Film. Lead Micrtester Varies, Please contact us for availability. When used in saltwater, it is recommended to rinse with freshwater after use. Yes, but it depends upon the particular type of nickel coating that has been applied to the steel. A portable instrument to measure the wall thickness of bottles and containers using the magnetic Hall effect.

The traditional type banana gauge offered App Store is a trademark of Apple Inc. Opening the PosiTest for purposes of cleaning, re-balancing and recalibration is not recommended. Adjust dial to value higher than the expected thickness 2.

The MikroTest complies with the highest technical standards of all analogue magnetic coating thickness gauges. The Elcometer Dry Film Thickness Gauge can measure the thickness of a coating on smooth, and on rough or blast coated substrates; and there are a number of calibration methods for each substrate profile — including Zero, Smooth, and Rough or 2 Point.

Does the PosiTest measure on non-ferrous metals, like aluminum?

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