Next morning, Suhas gets shocked to see Vaibhav in his female avatar. Will Vaibhav be able to achieve his dreams? A person from electricity board tells Laxshmi that he is going to cut the electricity supply of her house as she has failed to pay the bill. Sakshi informs Vaibhav that Bhandari has decided to replace the lead actor of his daily soap with a new face. After the lunch, Laxshmi handovers some money to Vaibhav. He was not getting better oppertunity in serial.

Bhandari excitedly invites Vaibhav into his cabin and assumes him to be a woman. Will Vaibhav be able to hide his secret from Bhandari? She clears it to Manisha that she trusts her husband. Click here to know more. Once Vaibhav signs the contract papers, Bhandari hands over advance money to Vaibhav. Aamhi Sare Khavayye 3. Vaibhav’s father-in-law urges him to maintain his cool during the audition.

Dil Dosti Duniyadari Full Episode 97

Five Best Serials of the Year. He asks Vaibhav to sit in his rickshaw. Nisha congratulates Vaibhav for his success. After the lunch, Laxshmi handovers some money to Vaibhav.

You have been loggedin via facebook. Sakshi calls Vaibhav and asks him to immediately come to participate in the shooting of a daily soap. Vaibhav’s father-in-law asks him details about his last audition.


Suhas comes to Vaibhav’s house and Vaibhav displays his new mobile phone. Laxshmi hands over a gift to her mother.

Vaibhav, disguised as a woman, enters Bhandari’s studio. Later in Laxshmi’s absence, Vaibhav dresses himself up like a woman.

Bhandari calls Vaibhav and asks him to accept the lead role of his daily soap. The story is about Work hard and reap the rewards, destiny shall knock at your doorstep!

Vaibhav lies to Bhadari that his mother is not keeping well. An OTP has been send to your mobile. Kala Shah Kala Drama. Vaibhav informs the makeup artists that he does not need their help for makeup. Upload Menus Upload menu files with. Laxshmi requests him to not cut the supply. Laxshmi tells Sandy that he should not have insulted Vaibhav. Notify me when there is a new review. He also places a hair wig on his head.

msza The scenes get on repeating and the tension in the audiences whether the actor vaibhav played by vaibhav mangle geting caught somwhow is fading. Upload menu files with. Vaibhav comforts his wife and requests her to calm down.


Mazhe Pati Saubhagyavati – Episode 91 – January 08, 2016 – Best Scene

Image size per photo cannot exceed 10 MB. Alert on more product reviews. Nisha asks Laxshmi to convince Vaibhav to accept an office job to secure his future. He notices that the script is written for the female protagonist of Bhandari’s upcoming daily soap. Bhandari asks Vaibhav to come to his office the next day to sign a contract. Makarand angrily asks both of them to get out from his office.

Dil dosti duniyadari full episode 97

Laxshmi yells at Pqti for not answering her phone calls throughout the day. Vaibhav yells at Prakash and asks him get out from his house.

Vaibhav tells Laxshmi that he cannot settle for a mundane job in his life. He informs Bhandari that he is willing to accept the given role.