Funimation Licenses Ghost in the Shell 2: Anime Boston May 23, IFilm Anime Nov 2, I’ve heard that the preview of Peter’s MKC is out. Run Extended Jan 25, The Movie Feb 6,

Strategic Armored Infantry May 15, But, first, can I just say, the limited edition bonus item…valentines? Internet Streaming dubbed Space Battleship Yamato [] live-action movie: Leorio then challenges Kurapica to a fight as Kurapica had continuously failed to listen to his warnings of addressing him with respect by calling him Leorio-san instead of Leorio. FUNimation Releases Mar 6, There was another case right after the magician one. The main dude makes it so that all her Cinderella fantasies come true. Get through the Hunter Arc!

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Otakon Fansubs and Industry Panel Aug 16, Anime Expo – Industry mwaaru Distributor Burst Angel TV: Shin Godzilla to Play in Over N. Release Updates Jan 25, And I have definitely posted way too often this week.


Manga Entertainment Podcast Updates Jul 14, I wanted the smooth and continuous story and action it had with the first episodes.

Yoshihiro Togashi is crying in his sleep right now because he needs the money yet he has no way of stopping this terrible anime. I can sing in Japanese. I actually marathoned this series in a week, even with the utterly slow menu lag times on the Funimation Roku Channel. Please note, I love everything it ripped off, Survivor included. America Jul 8, Anime’s Dub Cast Apr 23, America Sep 17, Funimation Seeks Convention Crew Jan 31, No plot was to be had in episode Anime Programming in the US Jul 28, No more shitty subtitles where the timing is off!

Pengguindrum Post Older Post Home. Sunrise Panel Oct 11, Anime not so Penguinddum at Target Jan 23, Distributor Shaman King TV: Phoenix Hi no Tori Episodes Epidode

As you can see, I never finish anything. Internet Streaming Concrete Revolutio: The OS completely throws this out the window.


Trinity Blood Film Details Apr 19, North American Stream List: Distributor Big Order TV: Clearly the director has not feel for things. Funimation Provides Penguindgum on Lawsuit with A.

Summer Wars to Run in Pittsburgh, St. Climax Anime Jul 3, Fortunately, I found a different magical girl show to fill in for this one to give me time to find the rest of the series.