Director Choi arranges for Jin-hyuk to be invited to the Sokcho hotel opening as a reporter, planning to make Soo-hyun explain herself in front of everyone. Ally December 16, at 6: Love how she made bold moves in this episode like admitting that they’re dating and how she initiated the skinship between them during their walk. It takes a lot of time to know each other. After reading your comment I understand now why it makes me so uncomfortable bc he looks kind of like a psycho killer I like to think she did have some feeling for him. SadKDramaLama December 17, at 4: Just that weekend she had ramyun with him out.

She says that she can see why Soo-hyun fell for Jin-hyuk, asking where he found the manual that taught him how to seduce rich, lonely women. Though that’s an interesting official phrase hahaha. Matriarchs are rulers of the domestic world I find it perfectly realistic he still lives with his parents Director Kim chastises Manager Lee angrily for giving Woo-seok the list without her permission. As the pressure mounted on her, the earrings became even more obvious and heavier chains on our Rapunzel. Here is a small list of dramas where I feel side characters are great: Once you know what is at play after theChairwoman Kim I think he is actually dismissing her totally and plotting.

I think the drama’s political undercurrents are potentially really dark. I have been following the discussion about his “smile and smiling too much”. When they get back to the car, Soo-hyun gives Jin-hyuk the tie, fibbing that it came with a gift for her father.

I hope we see flashbacks of their marriage cause I wanna see why he “cheated” and asked for a divorce despite his feelings for her.

It is others faith in the certainty of his behavior is why his friends and community will always protect him. But Jin Hyuk is passionate not just intellectual, he wants her. Since they can’t affect her anymore, I think the villains of this show will target Jin Hyuk now and will try to make him feel that he will only destroy Soo Hyun’s life if he doesn’t leave her alone.

Jin-myung has been flipping through the dating app, and he shows Dae-chan the profile of a woman that he thinks is perfect for him. I believe the reason was PBG and his portrayal of the character. She tells Soo-hyun that the way she envisions a hotel before she builds it is the same way her mother envisions being the wife of the prime minister.


Ex-husband clearly still harbors deep affection for her, and I feel that it is a more substantive love than what JH can offer at this point.

It’s like this show wants to give the audience a Mr. I’m so with you on this. I am dying to have her meet his family!

She would not let herself be captured by him. It is not unrealistic He did not laugh without control, he was excited.

In some dramas they immediately kiss and the relationship languishes and sleeps after. In this phase of the drama his character, who is a normal boy, is serene, loved by family and friends and is experiencing love: He says that Soo-hyun keeps avoiding him, but Woo-seok reminds him that Soo-hyun is not his friend.

You have such a great way with words. Two people sharing secret signals and aware of the others needs, even in battle. Try to look at it as a mean to balance the show. Clearly SH was hurt by the whole divorce, yes she does try to be indifferent towards him but also, she isnt and wasnt indifferent to the whole affair if there ever was one.

Yes, I understand the reasons, but if this is overdone, it annoys the viewers because the character is so unlikeable and exaggerated like a caricature, that there is the risk that some viewers will give up! This actor is good. Love how she made bold moves in this episode like admitting that they’re dating and how she initiated the skinship between them during their walk.

The interactions were so saccharin and overly “sweet” that they were distasteful. The effort that goes in all those decisions and it takes a lot of time to stop and think. I see in his acting much spontaneity: While this will be a VERY interesting twist, can you imagine the backlash it will get peisode the viewers?

It seems they cut off the scene ihm before the smile. A lot of beanies cooes over his “innocence” and young age but by the age of 30 people already are plenty experienced. Really, not even to her ex-husband?


Marry Him If You Dare

Their relationship is called “some” exactly for this reason. As for Soo Hyun, I’m so happy that she has finally decided to take control of her life! I am completely smitten with the slow burn love story of Soo Hyun and Jin Hyuk! Feh December 19, at Chairwoman Kim mentions the saying about a dog chasing a chicken in vain.

I think her father needs to grow a backbone when it comes to fighting his wife. I’m not looking forward to the episode where Jin Hyuk and Soo Hyun’s evil mom meet! The entire office is shocked to see Woo-seok walk in and offer to help with their celebrity problem. I think I’m the one who forgets problems or feels encouraged to face them. I think that’s why people are so cautious with this beautiful drama.

I thought this was another great episode. The writer did set this up, though. I love your comment! Loved every episode of this drama!

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He’s been already threatened by the conglomerate chairwoman. I am not an actress, but I think it is not that easy to communicate so much only with your face including your lips and the different curve of different types of smile. SadKDramaLama December 16, at 1: No one su these complaints about wrinkled men depicted in relationships with fresh faced 25 year old women.

It is truly a play of contrasts, just with the male in the role of the ingenue. Ally Mrry 16, at 6: How rare is a KDrama that says: