The same catalogue you received is the same catalogue they send to every mail box in the country. Not good odds, but hey, it’s a million times better than your chances in the Lottery and I bet you buy a ticket every week. I would return them but the cost of postage would be more than the products themselves. If you don’t see the email in your Inbox, please check your Spam box. I have bought from Magnamail at various times for many years. Great company Satisfied in all categories. I’m not sure they search public forums for customer enquiries. So be wary and now feel even sillier as better alarm temp clocks for less at Kogan’s and they are organized always deliver.

However, I never for one moment expected anything else. Satisfied in all categories. I agree, how many more people will fall for this c Even the stuff they sell is crap, cheaply made and overpriced, so they are a major league profiteering outfit. Well the penny had sunk in what a b fool am I. Its not a scam its clever marketing I got one in the local newspaper today saying i have won money and do a first order fill my details then they will send me my money. You could also select a box that states that ‘YES’, you would like to claim your prize.

I magnamaio a catalogue and a list of prizes that I was in the running to win if I reordered and sent back my unique code. Fake Bunnings vouchers continue to plague Facebook. I am trying to enter my code on http: I too received a letter stating I won a grand prize but then I had to order from the catalogue, they stated they would send the prize with the order. Told me a winner and then saw an item I would like to buy Usually wouldnt bother with “you have scak and cheap jewellery etc but saw a clock with alarm and temp and just broken mine so went for it.

We have bought many items from Magnamail with complete satisfaction. Great company Satisfied in all categories. There’s a fully functioning website, the FAQ section for winners seems reassuring and there’s even a video of a woman who received her cheque.


Lured by promise of great prizes

Beware of phone scams — Targeting Scams report. Yes i received the same as the lady posting the picture:. Watcch was before Christmas. The winners are authentic and authenticated.

United States

I would not be happy with a 10 day delivery period within the Auckland Area or within NZ. I have an article that is defective and Mahnamail wish to return it, I have only had it for 4 days. I purchased 2 cheese slicers K along with another two items which I have yet to use.

I will be forwarding all contact with them to Consumer Affairs Ombudsman. Coles and Woolworths gift card scams prompt warnings as fake text message offers increase. I have bought items from Magnamail, but I am very selective with what I buy, as you get what you pay for, magnamajl many other catalogue mail-box drops. So as a laugh we got some gas bottle reader Easy to read and find goods.

Initially, Magnamail denied that she had won a prize but when we challenged them about the letter stating that she was a confirmed prize winner, they said that she would receive a prize in ’14 to 21 days’. It appears from other reviews that this is a common practice with Magnamail and should be stopped – it sccam particularly unfair for elderly or vulnerable people. I did what they asked, ordered and sent in my money and details, I received the clock that apparently all participants now receive that prize automatically!

Tried again magnzmail day, same thing. When I first started the game I loved it But magnakail have one item I haven’t seen anywhere else. Great products and cheap delivered to your mail box We have been using Magnamail for ever and love the catalogue although we get sick of hearing about others winning the great prizes.

Yuda Electronic Technology Co. Please include details of the scam contact you received, for example, email or screenshot. For each mailing there magnamai a prize pool, like 1x 20,1x 5,x binoculars. Look at extending your working day by different starting times based on orders and pick up times. In March the shower jagnamail arrived along with a hand held fan and a ring and earring set mahnamail on the invoice as prizes.


Lucky i didn’t order anything. Order not received but cheque cashed Ordered in good faith from their catalogue. The form urging another order would be part of a separate offer, Ms Sandler said. I phoned Healthpride and was told that there had been a lot of complaints and returned massagers for the same reason. She has dementia now and just keeps sneaking off posting more and more money to them.

Woolworths warns of gift card scam emails. Scammers will often say these fees are for insurance costs, government taxes, bank fees or courier charges. Excellent No problem i have always been more than satisfied with the products that i ordered and look forward to your next catalog to see the latest products.

Victims of scams deserve your support, not ridicule Sunshine Coast Daily 15 Jun Thousands of dollars intercepted by anti-scam net before reaching overseas fraudsters ABC News 8 Apr Fake Bunnings vouchers continue to plague Facebook Daily Telegraph 16 Mar View more stories from the web.

When you get into it, there are dozens of things you can press. Your password has been sent to the specified email address. We heard nothing and rang Magnamail on 12th December to find out what prize my wife had won and when she would receive it. Their business is built behind a veil of legitimacy.

Magnamail – $25, winner, Review | Complaints Board

Beware of scam surveys and offers misusing household names. I certainly wont buy anything from their catalogue ever again. View more stories from the web. A search on Austlii www.