Another Bakelite beauty, the Lubitel 2 is pretty much identical to the original Lubitel, but with a few small changes. For our young film photographer Caroline Dare, you are more than just a single shade or hue of a color. This means that it is quite different from a single lens reflex SLR camera. So this paticular paragraph is just to explain the feature for film, right? An interesting note is the Bakelite texture from camera to camera. Available in our Shop.

In fact, in this kind of camera, the shutter is not behind the lens but between the lenses that compose the triplet. I hope it helps,. In exchange, you get a set of handy weather symbols to guide your exposure settings. The U is called Universal because it takes pictures in two formats: The sprocket holes should be lined up evenly on the gears. Just stop at every dot and your exposures will be evenly spaced apart.

This camera is essentially identical to libitel B, but includes a mask for two film formats – 6x6cm and 6×4. Available in our Shop. This camera is a Twin lens reflex TLR which means you have 2 lenses of equal focal length. From these humble beginnings, a grand lineage was born.

Here’s a hi-res picture of a Lubitel Olympic Things to look for: Yes, it is an Olympic model. Next to the 35mm Film Counter there is a small window where a white dot appears. Orthat the winding knobsomehow gets decoupled with is turning tab connector to the spool.


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Never used a light meter before! To sum up, the TLR is a great camera for those who love taking time in creating a great photo. Esp0r 11 years ago. Lomographer Daniel Schaefer is back as he shares his positive inklings from his first experience with the Lomogon 2.

Watch the film produced by Davide Arneodo and read our exclusive interview with the filmmaker here in the Magazine. Your e-mail address will filn be published.

Edited by few purpose member 11 years ago. Certainly doesn’t appear to have an automatic advance feature, or a ‘click stop’.

Get it in our Shop. I will begin with a LOMOof course, a very special one: Sweet saturation, high contrast, cutting-edge optical quality, unique bokeh, super-speedy aperture mechanism — the Lomogon is the ultimate Lomo eye on the world. There is no option to change lens and focus is not the easiest nor quickest.

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A ‘change bag’ could have saved the day. This gives you the chance to think before shooting and more space to fill cilm your art. Thanks again for the replies.


Like most TLRs you look down from above at the image displayed on the focus screen in the viewfinder. I used a Rolliecord ll for 50 years. Whole factories were dismantled and shipped East — destined to supply the Soviets with world-class means of documenting their daily lives and great loves. Furthermore, with the shutter being a leaf shutter, it syncs flash at all speeds. Some ignore the focusing and guesstamate the focus in scale focus cunter. You can get nice, sharp pictures with its triplet lens.

Filter All News Philosophy. Lovers of the Instax Wide format rejoice! Although they share a lot of the same basic mechanics, the Sputnik is definitely a separate beastie of its own.

Love & Sprockets: A Lubitel 166+ Masterclass

Just use the bag to safely open the back. Soviet manufacturer Lomo is best known these days for the LC-A that arguably launched the whole Lomography movement. Roll back the film countdr start again. Slide the film canister into place, and snap in the clamp.