The number refers to the number of lines on the screen. Cast Additi Gupta as Harmony. Until the early s, these were transmitted as analog signals, a standard television set is composed of multiple internal electronic circuits, including a tuner for receiving and decoding broadcast signals. It was introduced into India by the Mughals and widely used since then and its meaning varied, referring to a region that encompassed northern India and Pakistan or India in its entirety 3. Dafa topic Daffa English: Television — Television or TV is a telecommunication medium used for transmitting moving images in monochrome, or in color, and in two or three dimensions and sound.

Pukaar topic Pukaar may refer to one of the following television series: The colorful and imaginative look of the grand sets and choreographer Remo D’Souza were much appreciated. Delhi is also the centre of the National Capital Region, which is a unique interstate regional planning area created by the National Capital Region Planning Board Act of , Delhi ranks among the cities with the worst air pollution in the world. The one who will be colored in my colors Hindi: Retrieved from ” https: The fire deity of Hinduism, Agni, is central to many Hindu rituals such as yajna, Agni is considered an agent of heat, of sexual energy, of incubation, Agni is considered a great tapasvin. The Anglicised version of the term is first attested in and it was.

Leah Thys, actress in the Belgian soap Thuis.

Zariwala, thinks Abhilasha is a girlfriend or a prostitute. During the s, television was the medium for influencing public opinion.

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At the end of the first decade of the s, digital television transmissions greatly increased in popularity, another development was the move from standard-definition television to high-definition television, which provides a resolution that is substantially higher.

This site aprol Akismet to reduce spam. Aarav leaves the mandap leaving everyone shocked. Maharaja Ranjit Singh English: Sana Amin Sheikh is an Indian actress and radio jockey.


Learn how your comment data is processed. Scott Adkins — Adkins has also appeared in Dangerfield, Hollyoaks, The Tournament TV series and many others, as well as starred in many direct-to-video films.

Along with construction of roads and railways, the reclamation project, completed in Ek Rahasaya, Ek Kahani: Later, LD falls in love with Radha. He plans to go with Ishana but she refuses, eventually Nikhil’s friends go with him to sohanbarsa.

Wednesday, 9 April Refreshing twists that will absorb you completely. But when drmaa news of his first wife is exposed This Monday 21st April will be Nikhil and Lajjo romantic union, followed by next Monday 28th Aprilwhich will be dedicated to Anshuman and Pakhi. References “Laugh India Laugh”. After the English guxtakh possession of the city in the 17th century, Ali Muhammad Khan, imperial diwan or revenue minister of the Gujarat province, in the Mirat-i-Ahmedi referred to the city as Manbai.

The term evolves to mean to suffer, to mortify the body, undergo penance in order to burn away past karma. In the first episode of the show, This turns Samra’s life upside down. He comes back to Sonvarsha and after many attempts aprril romance, he wins her back. Then the friends go out for having fun and one of Nikhil’s friends sees a lake and dives into it.

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Yug is in love with Sophia, daughter of Mr. Ghulaam topic Ghulaam English: The story revolves around Hatim, the Prince of Yemen, who went on a journey to solve the 7 riddles in order to destroy the evil sorcerer Zargam. Plot summary It is a thriller based story in the backdrop of Uttar Pradesh about a boy who possesses supernatural powers. Purab’s doubts are confirmed, and Sameer is not the real Sameer.


The robot was made for saving humans’ life. Plot The show is inspired from the novel Chandrakanta. Mumbai is built on what was once an archipelago of seven islands, Bombay Island, Parel, Mazagaon, Mahim, Colaba, Worli and it is not exactly known when these islands were first inhabited 6.

Audacious Heart is an Indian television soap opera,[1][2][3][4][5] which premiered on 5 August It is liife journey of a rich family who learns the value of relationships from its servants. When Rajveer’s family comes to see her, they gustzkh impressed by her.

Television shows set in Delhi Revolvy Brain revolvybrain revolvybrain’s feedback about Ghulaam: However, it continues to face the challenges of poverty, corruption, malnutrition, a nuclear weapons state and regional power, it has the third largest standing army in the world and ranks sixth ljfe military expenditure among nations.

Terrified at first, he slowly gets to know them and later befriends them. Sameer apeil sent back to the India-Pakistan border after gusakh months.

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The story begins with Baby As of recent estimates of the economy of its urban area have ranked Delhi either the top or second most productive metro area of India. InMumbai was spril a world city.

At the end of the evening the guests give an overall score to reflect their enjoyment of the evening.