To avoid being killed by the Undead Soldier, everyone gathers to set a trap. Meanwhile, the village prepares for a festival. The classes of the school begin, but five students disappeared mysteriously after they leave the classroom. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Inspector Kenmochi tells Hajime that the surgeon was murdered some time before and this hospital has been cursed as the “Death God Hospital”. This is the ending of file of young Kindaichi returns second season.

He is obsessed with filming through a V8 camera. Miyuki asks Hajime to help out with drama club camp at an island hotel. NTV aired four live action series in , , , and Retrieved on 8 June If you want any anime Everyone escapes and is taken to the next stage, where they are told only one will survive. The unknown kidnapper instructs Hajime to deliver the ransom money himself.

There is even a kindaiichi that if the old school building has been demolished, a man called “After-School Magician” will begin to murder.

Thus the killers are often portrayed as sympathetic figures, as opposed to cold, calculating killers in some other mystery series. Shonen No Jikenbo Kindaichi is not owned by It is streaming on Crunchyroll. They find a suspectable circus on the island.

Upon arriving at the Renkin Island, they learn a terrible fact that there is an alchemist hiding somewhere in the mansion. More shocking scenes await the guests.

As he is treated for his wounds, he discovers a clue in a picture on the wall. Retrieved August 11, A fugitive escaped from the jail had encountered the luxurious ship that the idol singer, Reika Hayami is in, and he has attacked a fan of Reika in the toilet in order to exchange his profile. Three more terrible murders come continuously in the village.


The killer who murdered the three mates is revealed. Someone is seen fleeing the drama club director murder scene. They soon become entangled in a horrific game to win ownership of the castle.

Hajime and the others continue to search for treasure as the killer seeks the next victim. Hajime realizes who the culprit is. She sometimes pokes fun at Kindaichi when nobody else is around. A student was found dead in the library and it was said he was killed after everybody left the school.

The five students are found as corpses in different condition around the school camp.

Kindaichi case files episode 1 season 1

Kindaichi Case Files, The”. Close Trick The Movie: She was sent to the hospital for her uncomfort. Harvard to have a conversation with the enqueted of a mysterious person. Kindaichi and Mioki have been reminded a case about diving when they are drinking in the cafe.

But Akechi lee that an ice spike might be the key to the case. Upon arrival, they discover the body of the man who organized the trip. One of the prospectors living inside the village is killed when everybody finds him.

He kindaicyi the only son of Reiko Chikamiya, an internationally known magician, who in turn drove Takato to be a magician himself. Rampo is stabbed in the snow and dies after he says “Patri Meanwhile, someone is giving Masumi orders as the curtain goes up.


Kindaichi Case Files Episode 1 Season 1

Hajime is invited to Tarot Villa by the pop star Reika Hayami. Archived from the original on October 20, Will he solve the case perfectly? Akechi happens to meet Miyuki on a rainy day while Kindaichi is absent. The killer’s real profile gets exposed by Kindaichi. After finding Reika, the group is confronted with more bad news. Psychometrer Eiji Bad Episde. A twisted, cold-hearted magician who considers his devilish setups for the perfect crime as masterpieces, and tolerates no mistakes from the people he uses as his puppets.

He believes fully in Kindaichi’s ability. He is proficient in English and French. A man is killed in the park and Hajime goes to Izumo with the special episodr message containing the myth of Yamata no Orochi. Hajime tries to snap out of the shock of what happened to Saki as he pushes on to solve the mystery.

The first victim is Tadaharu Jinmei, he is found killed inside the bathtub.

Fumi has good reasoning skills although not as good as Kindaichishe even solves a few mysteries on her own. Hajime tries to solve the trick behind the locked room. One of the men goes missing after another victim is found. Rampo and Watson are suspected to have the motion to kill him.