I just found this post, but thank you for compiling a list! Unknown 13 November at However, things start to look up when he escorts a beautiful drunken guest back to his room, but who is this mystery guy? The plan as usual was to use his body just as bait, but somehow things didn’t go as smoothly as he’d expected. Calling is three volumes plus doujinshi, all unlicensed; the scanlator, Liquid Passion is inactive. Thank you sooooo much!! In order to obtain a lump sum retirement grant Yusa travels to a Las Vegas casino.

Koibito Kijunchi Title, Translation: But please be sure it has a drama CD! I think this is: I tried reading the preview and it was so adorable. Sorry for the random comment. Which, by the way, is released at the end of this month. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Rinka works at the Leopard as a host.

Because of his circumstances growing up, Yoshimoto is a bit of a stiff. I enjoy the quiet, gentle pacing of this story and the way that Fujiyama-sensei pulls off a straight-up slice of life without ever letting it get boring. Leopard Hakusho is one of those series where various characters tell their stories in turn within a common setting.

DGHO is 3 volumes and unlicensed; the scanlator, Bliss, is inactive. Nanao is my ultimate favorite character in the whole series I really went hysterical to the point of nearly breaking my keyboard and dropping my cellphone due to fangirling to my friends.


I’ll listen to them and add them to my listing. To seize evidence of tax evasion, tax office official Morikawa Akira infiltrates the private host club for hakushk, and is prepared to sacrafice if necessary. Love how much Tsukushiji sensei is so confident and dominant, yet can be so soft when it comes to love.


Newer Post Older Post Home. This site uses cookies. I was really shocked to know he was the seiyuu of Mikado Shirahane since I was only used to him using his very uke voice in Papa to Kiss in the Dark and Kirepapa.

I was so happy to find out about the drama CD while browsing through Amazon.

The first one being this obnoxious dude in specs called Amon, who threatens to drop him off a roof if he refuses to renounce his entitlement under the hskusho.

Yusa was expectationally satisfied with his life. XD yusa and sugiyama are my favorite. I’ll check back, thanks.

Sorenari ni Shinken Nandesu by Asou Kai. Sorry for the random comment. His voice is nice and deep and even. Aya, a popular host who works at the club, “Leopard”, is known for his good looks and his love for money.

His encounter with the detective – Kamiya starts bringing in some unwanted excitement in Nao’s life. This six volume story is unlicensed but fully scanlated. But one day I was bored out of my mind no doubt escaping from some research paper begging to be written and started catching up on the scanlations, which were somewhere at the beginning of volume 2.

Running and Pulling on Bed Released: Hydra by Miyamoto Kano. So anyway, I draa really pleased with the voice actors. Sensei seems to enjoy being the bottom enough in his own mind and chooses it of his own free will so that seems good enough hauksho me. Unreasonable leopagd was under gone. Cancel reply Enter your comment here Himegoto Asobi by Sakuragi Yaya. Until the big contract which applied to the future of his company became annulled….

Answer is really nice too. Not immediately, at least. Fujiyama Hyouta has a fairly large body of work, and she specializes in hakushl of life, consensual, not overly explicit or sex-focused stories.


You are commenting using your Twitter account. Ameya is part of the bestselling romance manga “Love Sells”, with the popular character Reina.

Love in a coffee shop between a waiter and a patron. His older brother, who is in the same company, has been posted to work in Hokkaido. He turns his back on his yakuza faction and runs off with Hinako. Ameya becomes carried away when he realizes Fujino hasn’t changed at all since. Thank you sooooo much!! Unlikely to happen in the near future.

I just read this manga recently and fell deeply in love with the characters and the plot — and this announcement was surely just dtama time. A cooling-off period is a very refreshing way of developing a relationship, I think. Horiuchi Kenyuu x Midorikawa Hikaru Synopsis: Hirakawa Daisuke x Hino Satoshi Synopsis: Yes, she loves this couple. ahkusho

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Is he any good? Shuuhei is so shocked that he withdraws. Phantom Eye Hen Title, Translation: Tags actor actors alfred allen america amerika animals anime anime: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: For Hasunobe Yoshitomo, co-heir and general manager of the first-class Royal Fort hotel chain, life is pretty sweet.

Yoshimoto is a serious and mahga civil servant working in the child welfare office. Calling by Miyamoto Draam. This lovely thing will be released on May 27th. Sugita Tomokazu x Tachibana Shinnosuke Synopsis: