They discover that the murderer is a combination of Madame Red and Grell, with the latter being a Grim Reaper. Nice episode, I really can’t predict how its going to end. Elizabeth becomes distraught and goes missing. While still recovering, Kelvin learned that Ciel has survived, and since then he was eager to meet him. Also, the pair discover that the sparkling substance in the ashes of the most recent victim is magnesium powder that is likened to the powder used in flash pans for photography. After a visit from Madame Red and Lau , Ciel is chloroformed and kidnapped for ransom by Azzurro Vanel, a drug dealer and leader of an Italian mafia. Sebastian strikes a blow at Lau to prevent him from continuing to fight, and escapes from the sinking junk with his master. After Sebastian returns to the stage, Ciel finds more clues including a letter to Joker where he himself is mentioned.

I love, love, LOVE this episode! Sebastian welcomes a businessman named Paul Jones into the estate, ending up exhausting him with the expansion of confectionery toy manufacturing. Only those who fully complete the exam can become a full-fledged grim reaper. While Lau and Ran-Mao have corks in their ears, Agni assists Prince Soma and his friends to retain control of themselves while fending off the controlled guests. Also, the highlight of the episode, Ciel smiled for a reason other than having crafted a devilish plan! While Ciel and Elizabeth hold hands, Elizabeth explains that if they find the white stag, their life will be filled with happiness.

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Two singles containing the theme music and other tracks have been released; the single containing tracks from Sid was released on October 29, and the single from Becca was released on October 22, The banquet begins and later, Siemens is found murdered in his room at the manor.

Meiirin West, a wealthy businessman and a merchant of Indian goods, is responsible for Agni’s betrayal and Mina’s wedlock. Which would account for why she wears glasses generally and take them off when she’s sniping? At the funeral, the photographer and his overweight wife, Turner and Margaret, present the groom with the last photograph the couple took together moments before the death of his bride, however the groom drops the frame due to epiaode bandaged kjroshitsuji.


It is seen that Angela and Ashe are merged as one angel, as they try to convince Sebastian to join forces with them, but to no avail. He is then confined to one of his guests — Arthur Conan Doyle, a novice writer.

Alois concedes to Ciel and apologizes for what he has done before he fades away. The palace guards believe that Ciel murdered her, as they kuroshitsuhi him. However, the Viscount of Druitt sprays the room with sleeping gaskurohitsuji her into his yacht. Hannah sheds tears of joy and reveals that the contract Alois made with her was for Claude to acknowledge him. They discover that the murderer is a combination of Madame Red and Grell, with the latter being a Grim Reaper.

Sono shitsuji, yuunou

He orders Claude to fill his bedroom with flowers and an insect epizode to keep the butterfly in. When one of her patients approached her for an abortion, claiming children were a nuisance, Madame Red decided to kill those who would throw such a precious thing away. He bursts out from the epiode and flees the scene due to this. Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. Alois later uses his sex appeal to win over Trancy as well as the inheritance, and he soon makes a contract with Claude some time after that.

After the evening ball, Ciel and Sebastian say their farewells to the lady, as she leaves with Elizabeth and Paula. Tanaka voice Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Sebastian promises to Ciel that he will stay by his side no matter the circumstances.

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Sebastian then tries to investigate the circus further. I didn’t expect that Meirin was an assassin though. The tickets to the Noah’s Ark Circus were sent by the Queen, who orders Ciel to investigate its possible connection with some children who are missing. Alois and Claude take this chance to make an entrance, and soon after, Sebastian and Claude agree to have a private conversation.

Ciel is informed that the abandoned Ludlow Castle that his estate owns is haunted by ghosts and the workers are too spooked to continue remodeling it into a hotel. Ah well, him sipping tea would be just fine too! Nonetheless, the three does not give up, as another fight erupts between them and Sebastian.


This episode would have made more sense had it been aired earlier, but this late into the show makes it seem so extraneous. When the guards try to shoot him again, Sebastian appears and saves Ciel. My favorite part about the episode was actually the whole subplotline with Sebastian, about him and his attitude towards Ciel He is filed with guilt when he loses his memories of those he wronged.

Ciel prepares to finish Alois despite his claims of also losing his parents and pleas for mercy. A few hours later, Sebastian puts Ciel to sleep, eagerly awaiting for the day when he will accomplish his part of the bargain with his master and claim his soul in return.

Outside the mansion, Sebastian confronts Claude, and their rose contract is severed.

Ciel wonders why Sebastian supposedly betrayed him, slashing at roses in the garden and finding Hannah there as well. Ciel follow him into a hole in the floor, landing him in an alternate dimension of floating doors. Although primarily rejected by Trancy, Alois overhears a method to summon a fairy kurositsuji grants wishes. God, the producers ran out of ideas.

Sono shitsuji, yuunou 02 Oct 7. He later breaks ouroshitsuji on his hands and knees in desperation for Claude, when the latter arrives just in time to rescue him from a hungry wolf. Just like the second half of the first season, it features an all new story not seen in the manga.

Ciel laments to Hannah that he wishes to return to his own mansion. As Ciel remembers that his revenge is complete, the labyrinth begins to shift. While Lau comments on the transformation of a caterpillar into kurodhitsuji butterfly, Ran-Mao sprouts wings and carries Ciel up into the sky.