I was rather confused watching the drama, as to who is who. Wonder how many wives and concubines did Damdeok have? The heavens took your side. King Guenchogo aka Yeogu was the 13th ruler of Baekje. Posted June 9, By NileRose Started December 28,

Leave this field blank. Sign In Sign Up. You must have JavaScript enabled to use this form. By NileRose Started December 28, I was surprised at the speed and pace of the drama. I hope this drama’s rating will improve as time goes by.

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Because Hwang Hoe easily took over their base, that can only mean he took a large army and, thus, weakened the capital defenses. By 0ly40 Started August 11, Was he the first king to fight the war?

Gosh, I have been waiting for a good Sageuk drama. Did you take Goguryeo that lightly?

Actually I’m suprised that this drama already start with war in the first episode. If it has a good viewership, I’m not surprise at all. You were his closest friend. One of the highlights of the episode. Damdeok’s eldest brother, Dammang, treat heir to the throne, who is later killed?

I think it wasnt uncommon during the 3 kingdom era for kings to lead and fight with his soldiers. Added episodes gwnaggaeto and 80 captures for the Korean drama ‘Gwanggaeto the Great’.


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And Go-un is married to Dam-deok’s younger sister, Damjoo? Yak Yeon’s family doesn’t have a flag above them. Not wanting to hear kinv, Murong Un orders him to drop it. Queen Seon Deok had started off very well with a high rating. King Gwanggaeto the Great Episode Back at the Houyan camp, the patience of the leaders wears thin and anxiousness strikes. Damdeok wants to embrace people, not make enemies. Ladders hit the fortress all over as soldiers attempt climbing the walls. You just want revenge.

If this drama really take 80 episode then I hope we can get to see him as a king at least half of the episode or earlier. He is later killed. In that process, I lost a friend like you, but I gave hope to my people. This makes it hard to share thoughts on each episodes.

Lee Tae Gon is not quite getting the sageuk speech down, so it sounds a bit awkward, but he looks hot. Dam-deok’s eldest brother, Dam-mang, the heir to the throne, who was later killed? Were Korea and Japan being influenced by China in the olden days, when China had invaded these countries?

How many brothers and sisters did Damdeok have? From the picture above, he seemed to have a brother and a sister. In deep thought, he searches for an argument.

King Guenchogo’s rating was unfortunately poor. Why must nice things end? From far, the episoode leaders watch nervously hoping for the base to fall 880 soon. And I am very comfortable as I always have to wear pants instead of a skirt.


I’m still very confused with the kings’ names and their relationships. Is it because Gwanggaeto is superior? If I had to do it all over again, I will do exactly the same thing. To epislde honest I prefer folktales with history in the mix because its more realistic. Because Go-un’s family has a flag above them too.

If that happens… Attack.

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As far as rating goes The whole unit then charges up the slope taking in multiple air attacks. Posted June 10, He receives training in a strategically important area in defending the nation.

I don’t know what the blue and green lines in the chart represent. Frankly, the recent crop of sageuk dramas have been knig poor, so I am really looking forward to this. Can’t wait to see how the drama unfolds his life. This is set in the period where Goguryeo already drove the Chinese out of Manchuria.