At an isolated place A tantrik gives a knife, ridden with evil chants confirming radha that this time, her efforts and plans wont go down to waste, and that this time she would get what she wants to achieve this. God knows when I will get it. Last updated Feb 8, A password will be e-mailed to you. Arti thinks that its not a piece of her bangle and that noone in this house wears bangles like that. The shoot of the film’s first schedule began on 5 June [10] and ended in August Curious, Kabir calls a tantrik after drugging Meera.

Akash too tells that till the reports dont come, they would stay here with THEIR family only, surprising everyone. I am the D-I-L of this family and i have responsibility to keep this house away from problems. Megha ties her laces using the two rabbit ear story. Meera, who is also falling for Kabir, refuses to go with him. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Retrieved on 10 July She says that she never let him feel any kind of weaknesses, and asks if she ever let him down in love.

Balika Vadhu 8th February Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

He asks suarj to follow writgen for the test. He says how he has compromised with life, due to the lack of money and always lived in discontentment.

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Retrieved 22 October His mother returns, and welcomes them with the proper puja and asks them to come in. Ankit Tiwari was hired to compose the film’s music. He is scared that people might try to hurt her, or that she would want to run to her son, the first thing when she gets better. Meanwhile akash tells his mother fiercely that Suraj would have to come up to accept him as his writfen, and that suarj cant deny from that and noone can stop him, neither yash nor arti.

She says that she didnt say anything because he never accepted it, as it would have tainted his reputation.

Kabir, now in love with Meera, tries to take her febeuary from the house. I found these photos of yours when I was there.

Sign in Recover your password. But arti is adamant that the bowl is not from their kitchen sets. On Feb 14, Tu Har Lamha is a winner in both its original as well as remix version. As she tries a second attemp, she again falters at arti turning, but in ducking, she hits on the side table and makes a nosie.


Shiv diverts their attention by asking anandi to get ready and lthey both leave in haste.

Yash calms her down saying that nothing would happen and that everything would be alright. The tantrik discovers an evil spirit in the house which attacks them.


Radha thinks that she hopes that when the DNA feburary results are out, they might reveal a secret that she had kept in her heart, all these years. But he tells her not to worry unnecessarily as they dont have anything to lose, and that noone can do any harm. A password will be e-mailed to you. He instructs them to take care as they might have hormonal swings due to the hormone injections, and that they would have to conttrol themselves.

My mother in law helped you in the name for humanity. Like 0 Dislike 0. But suarj retaliates saying that they are the reason, he had to face such humiliation yesterday since he had informed yash clearly that he should say yes only if he is serious about this marriage, but he took it lightly and made a fool of himself and of Suraj too before everyone else.

The captured butterfly is freed and its blood spills on a painting of two wolves. Retrieved 25 December He gives Kabir holy water to spray on Jaidev and informs him that he doesn’t have episoce to save Meera. He claims that the spirit is of Jaidev, who is dead. Archived from the original on 18 October Suraj says how is it possible that someone got the chhole for them and placed it on the dining table and they didnt even see the person.

Punar Vivah 12th February Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Views Read Edit View history. Last updated Feb 13, While pankaj tries to fight him off, in front of the media, yash tries to cool him down saying that Akash has no proof of his claim and that this is just a cheap publicity stunt to get a share on their property, and that if that had really been the case, where was his mother hiding away all this while, and why come to rise now.


Jagiya is surprised to hear this. Sensing her anxiety, yash presumes that arti must have thought it was another attempt, by radha to claim his life. Yash and arti find the knife, and they are highly disturbed, while radha runs away from there before they can catch her.

Kabir sneaks into Jaidev’s room, only to find Jaidev sleeping. I have full faith that you and I will overcome all the issues. The rendition of “Tu Ha Lamha” is heartfelt and the lyrics are simple yet effective.

She thinks of an idea to find that out. What i always hoped for was love and i expect that love from my husband too. Mohan back home and is speaking to somebody from his team on the phone. Meera is married to Jaidev Dhanrajgir Gurmeet Chaudharywho is confined to his bed. Mohan all set to head to work when he remembers the sangeet where he spotted Megha and goes back in time to when he got married to februarry and devdas starts to cry.

Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Epsiode knowing Jaidev’s lie, Meera and Kabir plan to cremate Jaidev’s body and 8yh his spirit to rest. How long will you hide your love? Like 0 Dislike 0. Aarti is blindfolded by Prateik. Later Jaidev committed suicide and left a letter for Meera, mentioning that she will have to live in the house forever with his soul, and if she ever tried to run away, his lawyer was instructed to open a letter upon news of his disappearance, which will detail that Meera has killed him and was the culprit in the writhen and run.

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