I’m particularly fond of Key’s impression of older fans of the show. Soon to be a major motion picture! I blew his mind the first time I said it; my seniors were all, “OMG! Key contributed a great true? Key and Peele created a difficult vacuum that will likely not be filled anytime soon Check out Zap2It’s write-up run-down of their favorite moments , which partially overlaps with this post but includes a lot of other good stuff, too. This sketch imagines the worst case scenario when someone steals a joke and rides it all the way to a historic level of success. Keegan and Jordan misunderstand the tone of each other’s text messages while trying to make plans.

Key contributed a great true? During his first day at a new job, a man discovers that he already has a close connection with his black coworkers. The best thing about Continental Breakfast is that continental breakfasts are so universally the same that you can really easily reenact scenes from it. Soon to be a major motion picture! The Terries sketch is just so magical. The film version will expand on the sketch, which stars Key as a substitute teacher who horribly mispronounces names.

Take another look at the video. I loved it that much. Text Message Confusion – Uncensored 2: I love how well they can portray all kinds of different characters, and many of the sketches just get better with repeat viewings.

I’m a little bit worried I’m going to say it at a reading or something, to my eternal shame. I forgot I had wandered into the Elon Musk thread, read that comment above and thought someone was talking about Jordan Peele. Oh man, I just realized one of the Vimeo videos linked to in the post is from the official account of director Peter Atenciopdele hosts a lot more HD sketches that aren’t available elsewhere. Party Motivators – Gafilta Fresh and Dr.


Audible Theate Audio Books. So I watched it. Key and Peele created a difficult vacuum that will likely not be filled anytime soon And it only gets crazier from there.

Come Back, Meegan

I’m pretty sure my daughter thinks her name is Jay-kwellin. A quartet of musical numbers: This is their story. Basically, the goal was for movoe to not turn off a rerun at the mere sight of a familiar character because his or her presence suggests this sketch has been done to death already. Full Cast and Crew.

I’m probably responsible for a reasonable percentage of the views on Key and Peele youtube videos. An eccentric landlord tries to reassure some prospective tenants about the safety and comfort of the neighborhood.

But that apology though. Tea Party Sweetheart – A working class man is discovered by a political strategist and is crowned the new leader of the Tea Party. Gillian Jacobs is also along for the ride. A meean of audacious disrespect and insufferable rudeness that’s sure to get anyone meeggan it sent straight to O’Shag Hennessy’s office.

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Who was their first guest on the show? Various Characters Rest of cast listed alphabetically: The way the principal talks just captures it so perfectly.

Key and Peele is getting the movie treatment. Nobody did backflips or popped champagne after the group worked out all the beats for the season-two character. Key and Peele has been great and I hope they enjoy success in the rest of their careers. He’s got the acting chops to take a Tom Hanks or Will Smith path out of comedy and eventually win some Oscars. The Orgy – A dinner party attendee is trying to say goodbye to the host and collect his coat, but that’s harder than you’d think when the party has turned into an orgy.


About 80 million YouTube hits later, the staff realized they were on to something and brought Garvey back. The Reckoning here so I have to post it, because it’s incredible. Benjamin Button Man Helena Barrett Key plays an exasperated gay man dispelling myths about gay weddings to a weirdly homophobic family.

I don’t think I can narrow it down that much! Elsewhere in the wide world of sports: This sketch is basically inspired by real life events though. The speakers at the fifth annual Meeting of the Tallahassee Black Republicans each try to make the case that there is diversity among their ranks.

Mexican Standoff [ prev. Especially starting at about 45 seconds in. Thank you thank ajd thank you Rhaomi. Civil War Reenactors – A group of Confederate Civil War reenactors has to deal with two men who want to present a more accurate depiction of what their side was really fighting for. Kelly officially charged with 10 counts of criminal sexual abuse. Ya Killin’ Me You’re Wrong.

Jaden Smith calls his agent to discuss some serious problems with the a script that he just read. Peeoe Smith’s Agent 2: That Zadie Smith article, priceless! At first I thought they were fairly niche, until I had to distinguish between an Aaron and Erin at my very corporate workplace.