Akhirnya mereka putuskan kembali untuk bertemu dan merayakan kembali pertemuan mereka dengan mendaki puncak tertinggi di Pulau Jawa yaitu Gunung Semeru. But perhaps for the sake of the safety of Ian doesn’t want to take the risk in case of an accident as there were no interesting Ian enters. Mereka semua telah datang, kecuali Ian yang masih dalam perjalanan. The film is based on the novel of the same name Donny Dhirgantoro work. Three months have passed, his old friend and contact memberitahui Genta them, during the week, daily exercise should be run. I have the same thoughts with you. Suddenly Genta call them both from the bottom, automatic Zafran and Ian mengengok backward, while they finally realized they both make their silliness despair would desire. Movies that can make more appreciative audience and the increasing sense of nationalist nation Indonesia.

However, after 3 months of separation, many longing they feel. The movie was good and funny but the story is not too deep. The uniqueness of this most beautiful woman, Riani always asking his friend noodles soup. Genesis then climb back occurs, the mound of stones and gravel about my sister, my sister and Ian were left beside the bottom of the ear, Ian passed out because of the crumbling stone bumps into larger very hard in front of him. Mereka tidak hanya berlima, Arial mengajak adiknya Dinda. Curiosity they finally answered, they will climb to the top of the highest Java, in Mahameru. The beauty of the Mahameru and the surroundings are so amazing.

However, after 3 months of separation, many longing they feel.

Synopsis Film 5 cm | Eva Nurlestari

The film can make the audience more appreciative and increased sense of nationalist Indonesian nation. Judul film ini sangat puiis dan pendek tapi memiliki cerita yang sangat menyentuh.

One day the five of them are “saturated” with their friendship and eventually all five decided to break up, do not communicate with each other for three months.

I go school soon. And then they dealt for three months without any communication between them until Genta give an information about where they will suppose to meet again and Genta promised to invite his friends to do something in some place so they can get unforgettable experience that they ever had.


Especially about nationalism messages. Because Ian stout, so difficult to control. Athletic body has Arial, when acquaintances with other women, always grogi.

Assessment of the views of the film. They gathered at the train station for departure to the mysterious place Genta promised. He does not feel strong Riani without all of them who are always together in the occupation as well as communicate. The title of this film is very unique and the short but has a very touching story.

Arial, a man termacho among other players, like exercise, most obey the rules, but fklm most awkward acquaintance with women. Penilaian yang dilihat dari film. It should if you want to look better, Ian can be directly through the entrance behind him.

Indonesia’s natural beauty is unbeatable anywhere. Arinda and Ian hit some rocks from the top of the mountain. No provision unexpected Genta has an idea that makes them feel sad and dismayed. Keindahan Mahameru dan sekitarnya begitu menakjubkan. But politely invite Nindi, without all sorts of things.

For that we must undertake activities to be achieved without dealing with those five. Leher yang akan lebih sering melihat ke atas. Cocok seperti kuesioner yang Ian teliti. This reviewer is a movie reviewer, so it is not connected and are not compared with the novel.

Judul Film : 5cm Sutradara : Rizal

According to my personal assessment in terms of the film is not a book: Menurut penilaian saya pribadi dari zafrqn film bukan buku: Suhu di tempat tersebut sangat dingin, bila tidak banyak bergerak, tubuh bisa kaku kedinginan.

Mei Sucinda Gracesya Sirait. Tiga bulan lamanya telah berlalu, Genta menghubungi sahabatnya dan memberitahui mereka, selama seminggu, harus setiap hari latihan lari.

Saat menegangkan pun tiba, mereka berlima sudah mencapai kaki Mahameru.

There is a carelessness subjected cmm scene at the train station, while Ian pursues the train is already moving forward, he pursued the entrance that had awaited his friends, but there is an entrance at the rear of the open. Ian agrees, piutis he wanted to finish the long skripsinya she ignore. Place the top of it in front of us, and do not release!


Tiba-tiba Genta memanggil mereka berdua dari bawah, otomatis Zafran dan Ian mengengok kebelakang, beberapa saat mereka akhirnya sadar, kekonyolan mereka berdua membuat mereka putus asa akan keinginannya. Film ini berdasarkan novel yang berjudul sama karya Donny Dhirgantoro.

Indonesia Lifted from the Novel National Bestseller ‘ 5 cm ‘ by Donny DhirgantoroSynopsis Genima teen who has a friendship long enough, eventually one day their five felt “saturated” with this relationship, and finally they decided to split up for a while and promises are not interconnected and communicating with each other for 3 months.

Karena badan Ian dalan, jadi sulit dikendalikan.

Genta, diligent worker who is in company with Riani, always speechless when bertatap-tatapan him, he liked Riani but could not disclosed even though they’ve known a long time. Kuesioner Ian tentang SDM. December 12, Language: Many transverse aral on their way to the top. Curiosity they finally answered, they will climb to the top of the highest Java, in Mahameru. Unexpectedly Genta has an idea that makes them feel sad and indecisive.

They started their adventure and continued the journey to Bromo and then they started to climb the highest mountain In Java Island, Mahameru Mountain. Reviews Film 15 Juni Genta want five of them for three months may not meet or communicate in any way. Katq-kata patah semangat saat dia puigis lembar kuesioner ke salah satu perusahaan.

Some people want them to five for three months may not meet or communicate in any way. Humor, behavior, and the conversation is going to be taken as a daily that has ever happened in the real world, but still there are parts that do not deserve to happen in the real world.

A journey that makes this young five more love Indonesia.