Things are quite different Arzoo. Sikander, it seems to have all of this, while Adnan is fighting. Audiences expect the last few episodes, to be the most acute of these, and this is only possible if the scenes are short and to the point. Overall, it was a slow episode with some scenes that were very well directed and acted out, but there were enough scenes that were too long. This episode was a lot more going on. Kieran shoots dagger after dagger Sikander on the phone, and he gradually catches each of them and act as if nothing had happened.

In addition, although there was a lot of talk in this episode, I really enjoyed Kiran and Adnan scene — I have to admit, I did not have much hope of Hasan Niyazi, but it does a pretty good job. In addition, while the woman can put up with a lot of flak from her husband and in-laws, physical violence is that it should not be tolerated. Now that she is going to get married, you might think that it can act a little more fun, but the word simply does not go with Rukhsar. For the most part, I enjoyed the image of Adnan and contrasting personalities Sikander , and the way Kiran so well summed up as her parents will be inclined to the proposal sent by Sikander. The path opens up Adnan Kiran and the manner in which he urges his love over and over again is one thing that I do not mind playing repeatedly. Mattel Alpha Training Blue.

It depicts the psychology of many who live amongst us but fpisode overlooked. Urwa Hocane was equally good. Flying car startup backed by Google founder offers test flights.

Ghayal episode 9 – Review | A Fanatic’s Review

I had hoped that they would have learned their lesson from Kuch Pyar Ka Pagalpan days, but apparently not! Her double standards augjst not come as a surprise, as all who have a different set of standards for your own children is the norm in our society. Rukhsar mother feels that she can not get married to Adnan until Rukhsar; nevertheless, it has a lot of questions, because to be Mother-in-law to Rukhsar has exactly the same question.

Ah, yes, from the point of view of history, episoee little has happened in the kanksr with the exception of:. Character Uroosa Siddiqui as possible is very annoying, but its action is beyond brilliant. As a result, she cannot help but spew venom about Kieran before Sikander, but has not yet been able to catch his attention.


I must say that, although each Kankar episode has something special to its credit, I just want to we did not catch it! Today, I was mentally comparing Adnan and Sikander.

He was officially condemned by the augusy himself, who in his opinion, to support his behavior. When Kieran was Sikandar life, she was the center of Sikandar world. I am sure when Ahad will see Mehru take epiode of his father he realizes that she is someone who should never let go.

Ahad, finally convinced his father that he should come to him in Islamabad but he was concerned that his father will not only give a hard time to Mehru, but it will also scoff at her and judge her character that Ahad knew Mehru most certainly did not deserve which was also very admirable and mature Ahad be honest to admit the truth about his father.

Both Kieran and Sikander made glaring errors kaniar their family life — yes, both of them! Preview the next episode suggested that the situation will become increasingly difficult for parents and Kieran Arzoo will finally confront Sikandar and his family.

Kankar Episode 9

Expressions Fahad Mustafa face, a mixture of shock and guilt, portraying the shattered state of Sikandercalculated on the spot. Faiqa, dear mother Arzoo, is strictly against Adnan and Kiran marriage. Thanks to his daughter, after all these years, Jamal realized how wrong he was. The very kkankar she is struggling because she thought it was wrong to do that which was just fine for her parents, as it was for Sikander.

Kamal Shaquille was spot on when he said: Rishta aunt resulting in a proposal for Iram.

Rukhsar has a very controlling character, and for some reason she thinks it his duty to pick fights with others. How would she react if she ever found out auust much you talk about Kiran before Sikander. Similarly, Adnan Kiran says that he is upset because of problems with his sister Uroosa Siddiqui Rukhsar proposal. It was another scene that was beautifully written; every word of it made sense.

To his father Sikander in being the voice of reason, to break the cold war between the mother and son, it was definitely a must see. Kankar Episode 2— Review By. I hope that things will not be stretched, and the focus will remain on how Saira will try to change the mentality Ehtashaam because this is what you need most.


Dialogue Kieran how it is good to all, if a girl suffering from the pain of abusive marriage, but everyone thinks that it is not so as to obtain a divorce was in place.

Mattel Alpha Training Blue. The next episode suggested that Adnan will finally share their true feelings with Kiran. For example, a conversation between Ayesha and Jamal could easily be cut down.

The stage was beautifully directed. Way Jamal took the position for his daughter is also very touching. I do not understand why she was so jealous of her. Again, this Sikander we are talking about so … there is no reason for anything whatsoever.

The woman is the man, and she could not be a part all the time. It was good to see some changes in the future Ahad father where he thought of all the things he used to say Ahad. Now that she is going to get married, you might think that it can act epksode little more fun, but the word simply does not go with Rukhsar. Shoaib engagement photo in the viewing again and again. Sikandar justify their actions on the phone Kiran characterless and why is it so?

I wondered in the last two weeks that Rukhsar track urgency is shared history — and now I understand!

I have to say that Hassan Niazi painted mountain Adnan almost to perfection. This is good news for Arzoo, however.

Kankar Episode 9 full

To cut some slack to Sikanderhe does have a pointthat he had no idea that his mother and Hal prepared for all these yearsand they drummed Aarzoo ideas in his head without knowing anything about it. Eight weeks down, I can say with confidence that Kankar went from mild interest to the great interest to drop everything the clock stuff! From the perspective of parents SikanderI have to say that the attitude and Shaista Waqar does not show even an ounce of abuse. I liked the conversation between Sikandar and his father, in which he continues to blame his father for being a bad example for others to follow.

Rishta aunt says mother Iram that Rishta ladies liked Iram and she wanted her augusr and Jora.