However, instead of making an issue out of it, the latter has deluded herself into thinking that all is well. However, in our society people equate self-respect with ego and arrogance and only men have the right to be egotistic and arrogant. Kankar is one of those serials which leave a deep impact on the mindset of viewers. People who do raise their voices are condemned. The ending was as realistic as it could have been. Arzoo breaks her friendship with Kiran and envies her. Adnan’s sister finally gets married after her long-term engagement but lives with Adnan and his mother as her husband is in Kuwait.

It is not that easy though. Sikandar overhears Arzoo talking to her mother about Kiran’s fights with Adnan. Email required Address never made public. Sikandar apologies to Arzoo and get her back. Instead of understanding that she gets hurt, they are pushing her away, refusing to listen to what she is worried about. Retrieved from ” https: On the other hand, Adnan refused to back off from his demand despite fierce opposition from Rukhsar.

Everyone is busy speculating but no one is ready to understand her pain, what she must be going through.

Shohar ki izzat or biwi ki izzat do alag cheezain to nahi hain. Her bitterness is affecting her mother as well.

Arzoo argues and Sikandar slaps her. Even Adnan’s sister apologizes to Adnan and Kiran for her cruel behavior and leaves for Kuwait.

All her bitterness and negative attitude towards Kiran was washed away as she happily planned her shopping trips with her. In my opinion, however, that just goes on to show the lack of communication between the couple. Kankar is finally nearing towards its end and the best part is that the director decided not to rush it and still managed to keep it interesting.


The ending was as realistic as it could have been. Rukhsar went through the most drastic change; she seemed like a totally different person. She has realised that no matter what she does, she cannot make him forget Kiran.

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No one is perfect and every couple has misunderstandings, fights and arguments. Kiran advises her to think a thousand times before taking any decision as she is not alone but has her baby with her. To maintain a healthy relationship it is better to get things off your chest instead of holding grudges.

It is good news for Arzoo, however. Agar aik cheez nahi hogi to dusri kese hosakti hai? He had officially been sentenced by the very person who he thought would jankar his behaviour. Irum has taken a surprising U-turn. It has humour, drama and reality.

Therefore it is easier to make a list of the shows that are actually worth watching instead of those which make you wonder why they were aired in the first place.

There was little that bothered me about this episode. Sikander is conveniently ignoring what she is going through and how unstable her mental state is. However, instead of making an issue out of it, the latter has deluded herself into thinking that all is well. After their divorce, Sikandar’s mother marries Sikandar to Arzoo. Though only two episodes have aired so far, I am absolutely in love with this show.

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From the title song to the cast, everything is amazing. Arzoo asks him why is he so happy to which he replies now Kiran will realise my worth and the big mistake. I never expected she could turn so negative towards Kiran. You are commenting using your Facebook account.


Unable to make up her mind, she went to Kiran and sought her advice. Arzoo is very upset and visits Kiran. Which is pretty much everything, including the fact erama she exists. This episode was much pice happening.

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The director managed to keep a firm grip on the story. However, despite the pace of the story, Kankar has never been boring. The production quality pids amazing, the cast is good and the story is different. Hassan Niazi and Sanam Baloch acted it out kanar it was an intense scene performed with such simplicity that it became one of the highlights of a very bitter-sweet episode.

She has gotten her wish, Kiran got divorced and she has happily married her daughter to Sikander, then what is her pcis now? Arzoo is a rich girl who loves her rich maternal cousin Sikandar. She was wrong in blaming her mother for her messed up marriage since she herself was oics crazy about Sikander, but it was natural for her to play the blame game. Fahad Mustafa Sanam Baloch. The unpredictable story is the most intriguing factor.

This question, in my opinion, is the crux of the entire drama. Honesty is not always the best policy. Everyone finally figured out their mistakes and moved on for the better, but in a natural way.