Shiva refuses to listen to Ganga’s words and decides to marry Asha and asks her to leave the house as soon as possible. Shiva is angry with Ganga and informs her that he would definately take revenge from her for troubling his family. There s more to talk about. Ganga calls Prabhakar and says that Kanchana has made her go and she is going to the railway station. The show successfully completed more than episodes and is continuing to. He often goes to Ganga and tries to molest her. When she is teased by rowdies, Jayasimha fights them and saves her.

Kanchana is in love with Prabhakar Chandra Mohan. How would Ganga react to this situation? Mar 19, Serial Name Kanchana Ganga. Venkata Ratnam Production company. Click on download button. How would Ganga react to Shiva’s accident? Great discussions are happening here on Disqus. Madhusudhan Rao Films scored by K.

He also informs her that Ashiwini’s in-laws decided to go to the police station, but he stopped them. Meanwhile, Shiva informs Ganga that it is just her imagination and asks her to come soon so they could escape from there. Kanchana Ganga is a Telugu romantic drama film directed by V. Don t miss episodee favorite tv show Gangaa.


Watch the full epissode online, only on Ozee. Recent Zee Episodes; Ganga. Gangaa – Episode – July 17, – Full Episode. Madhusudhan Rao Films scored by K. They do not believe in him.

Subscribe Latest Telugu Serials. Gangaa – Episode – August 1, – Full Episode. Kanchana Ganga is Maa tv serial. On seeing her, Prabhakar goes home. Meanwhile, all the women tease Ashwini that her husband spisode always be behind her.

Soon Shiva comes there and tastes the cake and gives his comments.

Prabhakar does so and Jayasimha sees them. Kanchana saves Ganga and all are united. Ganga always dreams of wealth. They go to Prabhakar’s home. manchana

Gangaa (Telugu)

Gangaa – Episode – July 27, – Full Episode. Watch Kanchana Ganga online, get latest updates, watch full episodes online, news, promos, and. Ganga refuses to send Kanchaja with Asha purposefully saying that she is having exams and she needs to study. Gangaa Episode 3, Full Episode. She does first aid to him and stays the night there. Gangaa – Episode – July 21, – Full Episode.

Both of them do not know the true identity of the other for quite sometime. Ganga latest tamil serial. Gana moves to a hostel.


Prabhakar tells her that he will recommend for the job, but she leaves. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Gangaa – Episode – July 19, – Full Episode. Kanchana Saritha and Ganga Swapna are friends. Watch Ganga Telugu Serial online. How would Shiva save Ganga?

Annapurnamma calls Kanchana to introduce him to her relatives. Aadavari Matalaku Arthale Verule.

Kanchana Ganga – Episode – video dailymotion

Meanwhile, Priya informs Kaushik that Ashwini’s match is fixed after facing so many problems and this should go well. Shiva notices Ganga and informs Parvati’s sister that the taste of knchana tea is similar to the tea prepared by Parvati. Watch the full episode online, only on Ozee. Later, they marry and she becomes a lawyer. Prabhakar goes to Kanchana’s home.