After Yoon-ha vows not to withhold secrets about herself anymore, Joon-ki takes her hand and draws her close. Basically this could have been a moral event horizon for the character but he checked himself here. Thanks for the recap, though. So, in a way, the husband needs the beating to think straight. Lol, I’m surprised at this comment because Sung Joon’s earlier career was practically built off of being mysterious and dark. Growingbeautifully June 25, at 8: Agree with your second paragraph but not the first..

And why did you let her carry all the bags, CS? Dahlia June 24, at 9: He wants to marry up so that he can be someone different. Thanks for the recap, though. Wendy Darling June 25, at 7: CS can be a jerk at times like not helping JY to carry her bags but I guess that’s how he is. Joon Ki is pairing up with Yoon Ha to have access to the chaebol lifestyle and status but Yoon Ha is determined to leave precisely all that.

The story’s cliche with tons of overused old tropes, but at least it’s not plagiarized.

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LaKeisha J June 24, at 9: Chang so and Ji Yi are sooo innocent. Couldn’t he have just given her something without her asking?

Now that Madam Min has nothing left to protect, she has nothing to lose.

I’m really on the fence: The writer missed a few chances to make the characters have more depth and goes for obvious and simple forms of communication. And I knw the point of her honesty is to make her seem down to Earth.

Idk, the focus gives a lot to the males. I can’t support that and it deserves poor ratings. Well, I’m not taking sides right now. Please consider becoming a patron and support us at www. I know everyone is acting but it shud feel natural. What I want to know is what Joon-ki hopes to gain from achieving success and perhaps one day living an affluent lifestyle.


The official leads have a much less healthy relationship with her emotional immaturity and his calculated manipulations. I can’t understand their characters, so for me, they are just the actors for now JiYi is an incredibly courageous idiot. When told that Kyung-joon may have bought them for her, she now believes Kyung-joon and Yoon-ha had formed an alliance behind her back.

Was it because she was afraid she would fall in love more if he confessed to her? But aside from Heirs which I didn’t even recognize eipsode from, I knw nothing abt the actor.

Besides, I am the one paying, so I get to decide. My first feeling for Yoon Ha this episode was, “Poor little rich girl. For someone who is looking hard for the guy who will love her for who she is, she sure did trust him real quick. Revealing that he and Chang-soo often race their bikes together, Joon-ki says Chang-soo enjoys bicycles because they require work versus an external power source. So in that sense, he is consistent and true to character.

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The good is the best policy. CS can be a jerk at times like not helping JY to carry her bags but I guess that’s how he is. The mistress can’t disrespect the relationship unless the husband allows it.

For me, the characters seem all over the map. Maybe she thought she could episoee have fun with him and not like him too much?

He can be, he might even start to be but will eventually fall into the throes of love and try to go back. In all honesty, the mistress stirred the hornet’s nest. I have dociety very patient with both Yoon ha and Joon ki but it seems that they have sworn on their respective mothers’ graves to be absolutely uninteresting, confused as hell and plain boring And why did you let her carry all the bags, CS?


So I will try emphasis on “try” to be back later to comment: She keeps asking him to go away cos she likes him too much. She marvels at how large his hand is, which he then uses to cover her face with. Chang-soo spends five seconds greeting Deputy Sung before approaching Ji-yi. I find JK too harmless as a “villian”.

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Never mind that you have a brain, and a pair of eyes, and that you could decide that for yourself. But this means more angst and melo?! My interpretation of the subs was that, I’m a man and it’s natural for me or for men to rank people when I see them. If they want to make him the bad guy, go all the way out.

While I find her honesty refreshing, its like both are ignoring all the signs that the relationship probably will end in ruin.

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It looks really good on him, hair color and the cut. Even if it were plagiarized, nothing going to happen to it anyway.

Or all the above? I feel the same about trying to decipher what the characters are really saying or believing. I once liked a boy enough knowing that I’d get burned in the end. I continue to like JK, as calculating as he is. However, he comes across as brave in the relationship since he will certainly be slciety as much as JY eventually if they were forced to part due to circumstances, yet he wants to give it a go.

I’m getting a bit muddled!!!