Yet bolts may be burst, fetters may be filed, walls may be scaled, doors may be broken through. Now he was leaving, lifting up his hood. He heard celestial juke boxes break forth from the red lips of cherubic girls voiced in honey and gowned in see-through lace. Alza il bicchiere, auguri a tutte le madri Felice Anno Nuovo. Lenti lungo il ruscello erano i salci, lunghi per la sassosa erta i cipressi. Commettevamo, influenzati dalla stagione musicale corrente, errori senza riparo in occasione di amori unici, irripetibili.

E il figlio disse alla madre: III How on that wall he had painted birds of all kinds to feast his eyes on them, as he could not have them. Last night I slept with my hands folded in a cross. Literary Cultures in Italian and English. Nei post, datati dieci anni nel futuro, apparivano codici in. But the hand of man remains there so very close to the hand of God. Was he trying to steal her?

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So much so that now — right now — one cannot even make weird things from them. Re- store my eye and I will return it immediately. E i sacerdoti del silenzio sono i romori, poi che senza di essi io non avrei cercato e trovato il Dio. Onion and Garlic are reborn, incubating the compartment. Cci vinni lu silenziu ad abitari! Di seta ldgendi era il suo dorso tondo ed io scivolavo dolce nel sonno.

O trova la sua ora sul telaio dei giorni: Men wearing sneakers and fine Italian suits were walking to their offices.


Nello stato di grazia della giovinezza, della perfetta condizione di consumatori, sprecavamo le occasioni per essere felici, per avere ragione su qualche cosa. When he saw me, he reached out with his hand and had a pious look upon his face… So I replied: They sailed and flew, they travelled away, and at this time the distance of the whole world stole them. Doubledamned lost inside the vice of powder.

The execrable social system under which he had hitherto lived thus vanished like a nightmare from an awakened sleeper.

I have nothing but tears to offer Silence. He jivk published two limited edition poetry art-books: The traffic that resulted from this was sold to certain public advertisers and to ethical funds of microcredit and media guerillas who exploited it for campaigns of political propaganda.

We therefore desire thee to receive him at our hands in exchange for our good Bishop Gaddo, promising one hundred casks of Lacrima Christi as yearly tribute for the future. Nsartroveno tre scudi per mettecce le pile. Ve lo do di tutto cuore, ma tu, Antonio, tu che non mi hai mai detto bugie, dimmi: E vado via solo quando hanno smesso la sete Con la coscienza pulita.

I wish I had not gone! More recent, yet not complete, is the collection Patacca globale Global Plaque.

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Dur- ing the week, life was limited to particulars of secondary impor- tance, things like morning coffee, train delays. The milkman sounded his horn, and the children ran, heed- lessly, to fetch the milk. Help One goes about hiding under the architraves of a carton.


Ho pronunciato la professione di fede maomettana. Yet bolts may be burst, fetters may be filed, walls may be scaled, doors may be broken through. And fil, went away levendi like him, with him, forever. Una voce insiste, bevi vino, dimentica guerre, politici, vecchie promesse, risoluzioni. She occupies a rel- legeendi position in the contemporary literature of the Italian Na- tional Community.

All you ask is that he put his hand and arm into the vat — to remember when he was a baby and you held him in your arms and he squeezed the milk from your breast with his tiny hand.

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They climbed out of their bedroom windows and fled into the forest. I leave the daily news to its destiny. The few verses that I offer here may be of comfort to many.

So he would say as he embraced her. He came back quickly, cradling the heavy vat in his arms.