He’s not dying soon and he’s not leaving! Cancel reply Enter your comment here Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Lee Soon reveals that he learned this wisdom from someone, and we see Prince Dongpyung scratching his ear wondering who is talking about him. To italicize, you must use html tags. Yin and Yang from human to nature flows as a circle, and since MJ’s energy cannot be recycled in earth it is slowly draining.

They chase him down and capture him. I dont remember that! Uh-oh, I think somebody is missing someone. Lee Soon declines saying he is scheduled to go hunting. I even watched the drama maybe 5 times? And I agree with you, KSH does have a nice smile: But what about all those very public unexplainable disappearances???

Minister Min meets with his daughter and says the dream may mean that IH is in danger. But, he still treat his queen in a good way and sometimes genuinely worry for her just like a husband should be.

Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love Episode 3 Recap | A Koala’s Playground

I do hope that the comet would basically suck his alien essence out to space, thus not leaving him to live another years. IH claims she is trying to save LS by revealing the dream to him. I dont remember that!

Except RTP lost me with a terribly directed first episode and the most cringeworthy villainy since Dr. For my sake, exist somewhere. He leaves his quarters to take a walk, the weight of his loneliness and betrayal hanging heavy on his mind. But its still makes me nervous, ratting always make a huge pressure for the production team. She could die a broken heart. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Ok Jung sees one attacker about to strike Dongpyung and she grabs his sword arm.

Or rather, Lee Soon spots her and pulls her over. I know that KSH will have some fanmeetings, however, kn should be able to rest in between. Ok Jung is dressed in male attire and rides beside Prince Dongpyung as they head towards the military training ground. There are no wasted characters or confusing motivations here luve every little detail adds to the rich lustre of the narrative world being created.


This character was strong and purposeful in past episodes, well fleshed out, which leads my opinion.

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She ask him to go because she believe he can exit, that she can live with it orther than he staying with her and disappear. I am jumping in for a moment during a little work break to continue yesterday’s recap discussion that we were having.

Adobe Flash Player version 9 or dramacrazj is required to play this audio clip. Lee Soon smiles and whispers something in his ear, which causes the guy to prostrate himself and topple over in shock.

Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love Episode 3 Recap

After watching the last scene, it all made sense. Min-joon smiles and vanishes before his eyes, and Heo Kyun freaks out.

In Kyung goes to find Ok Jung and begs her to be her handmaiden at the first Crown Princess selection. Only this time Ok Jung is playing the unloved third wheel. Like how he poisoned the Queen Mother.

Queen In Hyun’s Man: Jang Ok Jung Episode 20 Synopsis and Review | Lore In Stone Cities

The ladies llove over a symbolic stump and enter the Palace. Who knows what really happened back then? He asks to go somewhere first before heading back to the Palace. Is it you grandmother. The others want to know who that guy was and the shocked guy stammers that it was Crown Prince Jzng Soon. And for her, he will be able to throw everything away. He learns that the armor is now thinner than it used to be and soldiers are dying in battle because of it.

I think it is time Ok Jung hired a good PR person. Ahh, I wasn’t paying much attention when I watched it the first time but on the second round, I was looking intently at their eyes. Thank you for explaining “Genius 2: Ok Jung gets ready to go enter the Palace. But I cannot because she is starting to act in a way that puts her earlier sense and kindness to shame.


Btw, thank you breathlesssurvival for this fast recap! OJ invites her mother to the palace episoce shares the good news with her. Song-yi’s I love you and Min-joon’s proposal gosh! The Dowager barges in and screams that she knows OJ is behind the poisoning incident.

The ladies are tested on dining etiquette and as a tray of food is placed before In Kyung, the serving lady purposely spills it all over her skirt. I hope the final 2 episodes will also devote some screen time to the deep bonds that Lawyer Jang and Min-joon share.

What am I saying? They’re the only two people who Min Joon actually cares about.

Also, thank you for explaining the “got-God” use in this episode. Jang Hae bin never is part of trying to kill the king. Prince Boksun tells her that when a live turns the back to another, that person will end up coming back.

CS lights up, knowing that he will be meeting the king. Notify me of new posts via email. Even during my exams I kept on watching the drama,howwwwwwww wOuld I survive without it?

Gosh, I write too much.

Minister Min brings a box of gold and jewels to the Queen, clearly making his usual offering bribe. Prince Boksun decides to go for broke and try again.