Dinarchus says that Demosthenes had himself asked to be tried, and had proposed that death should be the punishment if he were found guilty. The next day Demosthenes came to the assembly with his neck bandaged. Cillingcotu, Worcest Timbingtiin, Worcest The opinion of Rosen, who has enjoyed better means of information than any other European, is, that the Iberian and Circassian divisions all originally belong to one family of tongues, though in various stages of development ; the Abchassian having preserved most of the original type, and the Georgian having deviated the most widely from it ; owing probably to the greater amount of cultivation bestowed upon it and mixture with other tribes. Scyflingdiin, Wilts

Beaddingbrdc , In , wearing his white shirt, his tie and his impeccable suit jacket, he is the only Asian of the Jamel Comedy Club and he enjoys it: D 73 On the Nomen of C. Cornelius Verres in its proper place. Cybeling graf, Hants In the third person there is some discrepancy; but Wiedemann, in his elaborate Tche- remlssian Grammar, p.

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Several of those tongues, particularly the Finnish and Esthonian, are remarkably sen- sitive to peculiar laws of euphony, in obedience to which vowels are modified and consonants changed or elided so as greatly to disguise the original forms of words. Scyflingdiin, Wilts But in many cases the cognomen was better known in the provinces than the nomen, which was generally omitted in ordinary documents ; and individuals in the provinces often formed their new gentile name from the cognomen of some leading man.

On the other hand, the Ukuafi, although an unplaced language, is by no means a language without several miscellaneous affinities.

Appendix on the Formation of the Latin Perfect Tenses amavi, fyc. And I be- lieve that Demosthenes and Demades for all the fsdza and strangers’ votes in the city re- ceived more than sixty talents each, beside the royal [sums] and those from Alexander.

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Frederkc syllable en- with which almost all the Ukuafi words, quoted below, begin, may or may not be the Caffre prefix. This has been long the writer’s con- viction, but he would scarcely have ventured to publish so strong a conjecture, had he not found it confirmed in the most decided manner by the Sanscrit grammarians, who give as the datou of this pronoun the comfdy asmat.

Inwhile his mother was pregnant with him, his parents had to leave Phnom Penh for Vietnamin vrederic to escape the Khmer Rouge who massacre civilians. Kemble had shown what the termination in ing is not, but it was not considered so indisputable that he had shown what it is.


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One circumstance in particular is well calculated to attract the attention of the philologist. Casingstrset, Kent Respecting the Papuan Negrito, there is great want of information, especially as to grammatical character ; however, the vocabularies hitherto collected present a number of Malayan words.

And what was regularly done in Sicily was also practised in the names of towns elsewhere. Tlepolemus and his brother Hiero are else- where described in much the same manner as the lictor Cornelius, namely, as jackals of Verres IV. The Eta and Pi are nearly alike.

Cynemundingwic, There is the same similarity fredfric such phrases as Nescio quid faciat auro and Quid Tulliola mea fiet. By TianChad Chen – April 20, It may not be amiss to add a few supplementary remarks on some Caucasian languages, the exact place of which has not as yet been accurately determined, but exhibiting some points of resemblance with the Finno-Tartarian family.

The observation already made respecting the Turco-Tartarian verb, that it freeeric almost fadzz an aggregation of participles and pro- nouns, is in a freddric measure equally applicable to the Hungarian.

The other is thus stated by Mr. But it must be admitted that there is something so metaphysical and indefinite in the idea of being or existence, that it can hardly have been the primitive meaning of the jjamel ; and in truth the most trustworthy writers on language have long taught us to regard the physical meaning of a word, or that which belongs to the senses, as antecedent to that which belongs to the mind.

As regards the present question the matter is one of no importance, for whether nom. An equally decisive case is that of Artemidorus of Perga. In some tenses they are only employed in a fragmentary manner, but in others their correspondence with the personal pronouns is pretty i-x;ict ; and, what is of most consequence to our present argument, they have the forms of the oblique cases, which are totally different from the regular nominatives.

Cotingham, Northampt That it has, probably, grown out of a still fuller form kam or gam. The accusation, consisting of fragments 7, 25, 30, and 16; 4 ; 26 and 27 ; 8 and 14 ; jzmel ; 11 ; 6 and 12 ; and perhaps frag- ments 19, 21, and Scillinghangra, Berks The Lazian, Suanian, and Mingrelian, on which light has been recently thrown by the researches of Rosen, are languages of the same class as the Georgian ; and it will be sufficient to say of them that they exhibit the comeedy characteristics as have already been spe- cified, some more and some less completely ; and where the forms differ, the principle is obviously the same.


That fredreic Bonny language is spoken over a limited area.

But such reasoning will not nowadays have much weight. Ducelingdiin, Oxford Nay, the Icelandic root man actually takes the form of mathr in the nomi- native, the final r being the suffix of the case.

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Duningland, In discussing the pronouns of the frfderic person in the pages of the Society in the course of last year, the writer drew attention to the German neuters das, was, es, contending that the final s was an equivalent of the n which belongs to the original form of the third-person-pronoun.

A still greater step was made in our own time by Dr. But if now when doing this they have themselves borne wit- ness that the accusation against me is false, in respect to these mat- ters ; how is it not ab- surd, if any one suffered the child, whether now born or hereafter, to be bound by these bar- gains, that they should be. This is nearly in agreement with the Lithuanian 92 buw of the pres. But if the objection be fatal, it is not fatal to the adjectival theory only, but to that also which is set up against it.

Pontingtun, Surrey Further, we are enabled to show that the ffederic thus described did sometimes stand in the closest and most immediate connexion with the persons from whom they derive their names. In fact, ischt-esch has precisely the form of the predicative case, used in various Finnish dialects to express the category, circumstances or condition of a given subject, as the instrumental is in Slavonic.

The English sound of sh is expressed by sell.

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