A postcard with the caption “Greetings from Ada Kaleh”. The island measured 1. Unnecessarily, perhaps, because the next year the armies of Prince Eugene of Savoy occupied the island, called Carolina on maps of the time. It is interesting to see children in the photo. Therefore, a barbarian invasion through this ford was difficult to avoid. Ebay Image of someone who appears to be sewing, with a good view of one of the watch towers on the wall of the fort. Ebay Ada Kaleh, view of the coast of the island.

This is a photo of Simian Island, where part of Ada Kaleh was recreated. Prior to the war they made cigars, competing with famous Cuban Habanos. Ada Kaleh CD Main entry gate to Ada Kaleh, taken at a time when the fort was not maintained well, and weeds were growing in much of the structure. Uzeyir, i-a relatat ziaristului G. In , as a consequence, when the project was put into practice, Ada-Kaleh island was covered by the waters of the Danube as the water-level rose. Note also the vines which have grown over much of the gate and the wall. There are more details in some topographic materials from the modern age.

This shows the later alterations to the original building, including the separate minaret and the pagoda, which is not visible in the photo above.

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Note also the vines ,isterelor have grown over much of the gate and the wall. There appears also to be a low level path across the moat, just visible in this photograph. A stereoscope is a device for viewing stereographic cards, which are cards that contain two separate images that are printed side-by-side to create the illusion of a three-dimensional image.


Text above adapted from Wikipedia.

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This lack raises a serious problem. This is a very valuable photograph, the fil, aerial photo I have seen of Ada Kaleh. Ada Cage, an island in the middle of the Danube, just downstream from Orsova. The title of the map is Plan des gegen das Turkische Gebeit ausgestellen Banatischen Cordons mittelst welchen die bereits vorhandene gut-und Brauchbahre alte, dann die neu zu errichten antragede Wachlehaltnussen als Chardaquen, Wachthauser, Erd-und Ruhr-Hutten nach ihrer verschiendenen Bau-Arth mit distinguierten Farben aufgezeichnet seynd.

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Faded colour photograph of Ada Kaleh, possibly just before it was covered by the rising waters of the dam. Ebay Interior of a room richly decorated with turkish rugs and other decorations in the Drobeta Museum. Inthe walls, briefly, Russian flags were raised by the battalion led by Tudor Vladimirescu.

This is almost certainly the ruler of Ada Kaleh, around – A postcard with the caption “Greetings from Ada Kaleh”. Main entry gate to Ada Kaleh.

This was the situation of the island untilwhen it was returned to Romania, under the right of self-determination of the inhabitants. The view from Alion Mountain. Photographs of the inside of the Mosque. Ebay This is a very valuable photograph, the only aerial photo I have seen of Ada Kaleh.

Note the men on the left in western dress, perhaps friends of the photographer, and the others in red turbans, as well as the drain down the middle of the road, and the carpet seller on the right displaying his wares.

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Based on old maps, this is my estimate of the position of Ada Misferelor. The flooding of Ada Kaleh resulted in many regrets. Therefore, a barbarian invasion through this ford was difficult to avoid.


This is one of the better built sections of the bazaar, presumably catering for the tourist trade. Anyway, if it had borne the name Ducepratumthen the fortification would have been restored during the period Anastasius-Justinian, as Procopius registered it among the military buildings raised or restored during this period. The original was in sepia tones, which means that it was possibly taken in the s or s. This paper is meant to describe, as far as the available knowledge allows it, a historical and archaeological monument, which was lost for good.

Ada Kaleh CD View of the deck of one of the tourist ferries which plied the Danube, showing the glass roof and sides.

At the end of the s and at the beginning of the s, the governments of Romania and Yugoslavia decided to start the construction of a lake for the Iron Gates I hydro-electric plant. Roman reveals that in May, according to locals, another gallery communicated with the Romanian side, concluding that such work must have raised many difficulties.

The Austrians built a strong fortification of “Vauban” type Fig. The dam flooded the area by to an altitude of The archaeological excavations from support this assertion.

This photograph was taken with a telephoto lens, or was blown up on the enlarger to give the same effect. He could be a wealthy man accompanied by his male servants or employees.