Indeed, the episode felt somewhat rushed in a way, but still awesome nonetheless. I thought he said it to Pakunoda as in a sorta “I’m pissed off and need my space. Anime, Memes, and Childish: At the very least this is what it should be. Great end to an absolutely amazing arc. Loved the stuff with Pakunoda at and near the end. That for me was the downfall of ‘s Yorknew. Time for some biscuit!

It just didn’t seem as funny as the manga imo. But it’s gonna be fun seeing all the character redesigns. Anyway, when we saw Pakunoda’s memory showing why Gon and Killua chose not to run away, it gave me a warm fuzzy feeling the music also helped in that regard X D. Anime, Fucking, and Kill La Kill: Started this arc with high expectations and was not disappointed. I loved how this arc went from one of revenge to now an underlying theme of friendship and trust for both sides, Pakunoda following orders cause she trust and wanted to protect all of her partners, Gon and Killua trusting Kurapika, and Kurapika putting his friends safety and such first above his revenge though he was the cause of the whole situation anyway.

Hunter x Hunter Who has more fans? I hope the movie does the same.

Hunter x Hunter (2011) Episode 58 Discussion

BBCode Modified by edl01, Dec 9, 4: I’m pretty sure they will change the opening next episode given it’s a new arc. Gon just earned another reason why he’s such a great protagonist to follow.

HxH is very onepieceoffbleach, and is not as dark as the 99 version and disgusting as people say it is; only Togashi’s drawings are ;P Even if Paku had a much shorter screen time in this adaptation, I hope the new fans still appreciate her and her role in the plot. Huntsr many shocking unexpected moments and so many things I predicted that never ceased to exist.

BBCode “No matter how much of a genius one is, in front of the Uchiha name, they’re just ordinary people. I have onepieceovbleach own anime blog. They were awesome in suits, reminds me of when in Reborn the Vongola had to wear theirs for choice, shonen characters must at least wear suits at least some time in their anime, should be a requirement.


More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Hopefully new opening and ending next week. Nice humble brag king i need a girlfriend. Maybe even showing the history of Kurapika as a child as well as before the formation of the Spiders. And heart-warming at the epislde I would have liked the judgment chain scene to have some kind of flash effect because that’s sorta the way it seemed to look in the manga. Anime, Fucking, and Kill La Kill: How exciting this arc will be I think depends oenpieceofbleach on whether or not Madhouse brings their A game.

Greed Island should look like a place onepieceofbleaach want to explore.

Hunter x Hunter (2011) Se1 – Ep58 Signal x To x Retreat HD Watch

Hisoka and Chrollo moment was pretty episoe as was the whole thing with Gon and Killua running into Phinx and Feitan at the auction hall. The fight between him and Chrollo was something I was dying to see. I always got the impression it was sudden and painful and the flash would help out with that.

I hope greed island keeps up this kind of quality. I’m so psyched for Greed Island.

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Next up Greed Island! Would have liked the “fight” to been more hyped up with the music so it could be a bigger troll. Also, next week’s episode should have the 3rd ending: When the club got hunter x Hunter. Besides the stunning visuals and the dark tone, I loved seeing the story from both perspectives, from the main cast and the villains.

Anime, Gif, and Naruto: Memes, Naruto, and Fullmetal Alchemist: I’m so happy at how things turned out.

It also shows Kurapika as a proper human being, choosing his friends over his revenge unlike you know who. Although MH made the arc too fast paced for my taste, MH actually made the arc more shounen-like, ending Pakunoda’s death and the arc in general at a somewhat lighter note.


I haven’t read this arc in a while, but wasn’t Paku supposed to have some more story to her? Greed Island is really dark, how many people do you think died by the bomber Oepieceofbleach I really just hope they give us a new onepieceofbleavh song, I don’t care if it is horrid I just need a new OP song.

So glad at the conclusion no death of Shalnark or even Feitan. Hunter x Hunter It doesn’t have to always be two chapters per episode but basically don’t try and cram so much into so little time.

I shall await you in Yorknew Gity. Have you watched Hunter x Hunter?

Awesome that it will still continue. Hisoka’s utter frustration and disbelief over Crollo loosing his powers, after Hisoka went through years of preparation and effort to come to this event.

Memes, Titanic, and Yowamushi Hunte C’mon, animes with unchanging openings are ancient history; I even sound redundant with that statement, so Madhouse Animation will be one thing that Madhouse should definitely do right.


Hunter x Hunter Episode Lol poor hisoka, waited for so long xD Next week greed island! But it’s gonna be fun seeing all the character redesigns. I dropped it in the 99 version. Can’t spoil Hunter x Hunter if there are no chapters. Anyone know if there will be a new opening next week? Anime, Naruto, and Watch: This is what makes me love this series epjsode.

Hunter exam was dark and full of death Tower was light Yorkshin was dark and full of death and then greed island and the arc after that continue the same path.