Send a private message to jfblade. The trio is then taken to a secret base to become the legendary Hurricanegers to fight Jakanja. Battle Fever J General Kurama assembles four young agents who had been dispatched around the world for training. The Super Sentai Hero Battle! Mirai Sentai Timeranger vs. Kamen Rider Geiz Revive. And Rampage subs did 53 of the 84 episodes of GoRanger.

Each of them was trained separately from the others in a range of superpower abilities that will allow them to fight Mess. Originally Posted by VictoriousImagin So you’re asking around for a translator. This series was dropped by G. DDLs after the jump! Mahou Sentai Magiranger A war between the Infershia and Magitopia had occurred unbeknownst to humans. Overtime, the Dino People and Dynasaur races came into being on Dino Earth but were at war with the Evoliens, entities that emerged from the meteor. What do you call “torrent form”?

S finished the series, but the subs are a bit rough, with this being their first project.

Japanese SuperHeroes Archive: Goranger / The Original Power Ranger

However, five apprentice Gosei Angels are on Earth at the time and, while finding a way to return back home, they become the Goseigers to stop Warstar. That gorgeous woman they set Richie Setnai up with has gone missing? Also, Karaoke and better typesetting!

I’m using the audio in google translate with episode 10 and almost everything I type in sounds different than what they say in the show. Ryouma is very happy that his elder brother Hyuuga succeeds to the honorable title.

If you know Japanese, just reply to this thread.

Himitsu Sentai Goranger – Episodes – DeltaSubs (PMLG)

Took us a little longer to release this one, sorry about that. Amazon Japan has put up a page advertising the first box release of Himitsu Sentai GoRanger, the first entry in the Super Sentai franchise! Long ago in the time of dinosaurs, the Deboss Army invades Earth to the point of the extinction of the dinosaurs but they were defeated by Wise God Torin and the Zyudenryu during the first invasion.


In his first attempt to rise again, Kibaoni was defeated and sealed by Yoshitaka Igasaki, a man known as the Last Ninja, but zentai generations later, Kibaoni is unsealed by his retainer Kyuemon Izayoi.

Oh right, and it’s 84 senttai long. I’m aware of the fansubs, I meant the blu-ray releases. A Lamp that can’t turn on is a playing card? Okay, so instead of calling them Akaranger, MidoriRanger, etc, the names are translated so Aka becomes Red Ranger etc.

It aired alongside Kamen Rider Stronger. However, their mission is brought to an early end when Sarah misses a shot and hits one of her teammates!

Wanna help sub Himitsu Sentai Goranger? (MUST KNOW JAPANESE)

To make sure that the Precious do not fall into the hands of the Negative Syndicates, the Search Guard Successor Foundation has developed its own special operations team, the Boukengers, to do battle and collect some of the more dangerous Precious. As a result, due to their history with the empire, the space pirates use the powers of the older teams and attempt to master their powers to fight the Zangyack forces as the Gokaigers. Ninpu Senyai Hurricanger vs. With gorajger mystical srntai of the Earth Force and the technology of the military, the Changeman begin their war against Gozma.

Five young warriors from an ancient civilization of Dinosaur-evolved Humans are awakened during the present day after million years of suspended animation when their sworn enemy, Bandora the Witch, is inadvertently released from her magical container on Planet Nemesis by two astronauts.

No, kamikaziain you are not insane. The battle continued for 5, years, led by the Gorma Triumvirate.

Find More Posts by VictoriousImagin. Dino Earth, an Earth where dinosaurs were still the superior species, and our Earth, referred to as Another Earth by the residents of Dino Earth.

The Rangers have designations named for countries around the world: Together with their Dynasaur partners, the three become Abarangers to protect their dimension from the Evoliens. Find out gorsnger the cut! While the other students are having their graduation ceremony a group of evil space ninjas known as the Jakanja infiltrate the school killing most of the students. In order to stand against them and thwart their plans, Sugata recruits five young people to become the Maskmen.


When the Infershia attack, five siblings witness eubtitles mother change in front of them and she hands them MagiPhones to transform into a magic team. The Guardian Angels are National Idols?! Here’s the problem with Goranger: Now these two, joined by three other descendants of great ninja, become the Kakuranger to fight the Youkai with the aid of the Sanshinshou.

Centuries ago, the ruthless feudal warlord Gengetsu Kibaoni was slain by the Igasaki Ninja clan, before discarding his humanity to become a Yokai.

The Fever team never stops, even when it lost two of its members the original Miss America and Battle Cossack. Currently, Rampage Subs are handling the show. Miura built a pyramid to generate Tetrahedron power in order to allow five UAOH officers to transform into the Ohrangers. The police tells him he’s probably just run off and abandoned him, but after hearing the full story the team feels like there might be more to it Denji Sentai Megaranger vs.

To fight the Predatory Hall, Xia Fu trained two youths: Originally Posted by VictoriousImagin So you’re asking around for a translator.

Let me know if you’re interested! They have to find a stupidly rich dude a bride! A new group has shown up Mega Beast Empire to do the show. Chouju Sentai Liveman Academia Island is an elite school that various genius students from across the globe attend. Five surviving officers gather together, beaten and exhausted, but refusing to step down from this threat. All times are GMT Send a private message to jfblade.

A new Vulcan Base is built. And Rampage subs did 53 of the 84 episodes of GoRanger.