Lou pushes them out the door as fast as possible, as she has planned a romantic weekend at the ranch with Scott. Peter also interferes with Lou and Mallory’s agreement for Copper, telling Mallory that she has actually completely paid off her share of Copper’s ownership, and then some. Ashley talks to her mother who, remarkably, gives some good advice. When Jeff reveals he wants to raise Georgie, the family is faced with the possibility of losing her. Peter is forced to tell Lou he has an ex-wife when he has to take care of their dog, Max. This allows her to focus on her grades, chores, and work with horses. This angers Amy, as she knows they won’t have enough time to do most of the regular chores at the ranch as well.

Start your free trial. Amy’s attempts to reunite with Georgie are thwarted by the arrival of lavish gifts from afar. Scott and Lou talk about the state of their relationship, and they break up for real. Amy is feeling guilty for being the cause of his bullet wound although indirectly , and she heals while caring for another horse. Amy and Ty talk about the motorcycle, and Amy explains that she hasn’t healed from Ty’s plane crash even if he has. But one of Tim’s old girlfriends comes back and claims that Tim is the father of her son, Shane, and a paternity test says that he is. There’s even a lighthearted water fight while the four of them are washing down the horses one evening. Spartan faces his fear.

Refusing to put Spartan down, Grandpa Jack brings the horse back to Heartland hoping that Amy can help him. Lisa and the rest of the family try to convince him to upgrade.

When Jack learns that Ty is riding his bike solo to a remote lake to spread his father’s ashes, he decides to join him. Tara follows Ty around a bit, making reference to them being alike, thinking she knows his experiences. However, Lou has weekend plans and Mallory and Jake have nowhere to stay, so Jack winds up looking after them. Tim proposes to Janice to help him with the custody battle, and she accepts.


Mallory even persuades her to take a riding lesson, making a deal with Tara that Mallory will try out the goth look and attitude in exchange. Lou discovers that she has been fired from her job in New York.

Lou has plans to create a “corporate equine retreat” at Heartland, which Jack rejects as being a “dude ranch”. Meanwhile, Lou is searching for dude ranch horses and she is at odds with Tim over which horses to buy.

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Lou lets practical considerations the fact that Peter is “an oil guy” get in the way of having a relationship or even a date with Peter. This sets in motion a series of strange events, which results in some unusual team pairings.

At dinner, Mallory reveals that Ty has earned his high school diploma and later tells Amy that he’s at a crossroads, and asks if Delidhows has any plans.

After Daisy rejects the orphan foal Merlin, Scott brings the colt played by a filly to Amy to care for him. Her father helps to coach her and Ty offers to help with chores and training Spartan, but Amy is struggling.

Amy is a year-old girl growing up in Hudson, Alberta with a serious love of horses. A friend from Jack’s 55 shows up at Heartland when one of their old band mates passes away. Victor Whitetail visits Heartland, leaving Tim to wonder if Victor was more than just friends with his ex-wife.

While Tim had a fantastic time traveling the rodeo circuit with Casey, he returns to Heartland and second-guesses their relationship.


Ty and Amy each begin to wonder what they are waiting for to get engaged. Kit says she knew he could do it, though he struggled with Grade 12 Algebra. Jake seems a little unready to part with Mallory as well. Meanwhile, Lou’s due date is still three weeks away. At this point, Mr. Ty and Amy split the every two hour feedings 24×7. Mallory tries to raise money to help her get an apartment so she will not have to move to Nashville.

When Mackenzie arrives at Heartland, she is talking about a small wedding under 50 guests held outside near the dude ranch, with a BBQ cookout reception. With no deliahows to balance it all, Amy makes the hard decision to quit show jumping and sell Storm.

Caleb continues to pine over Ashley, gets drunk, and meets a girl. Lisa decides she and Jack need to take a break. Scott unearths the horse’s unusual past. Jack proposes to Lisa. He decides not to go through with the law suit.

The Slippery Slope

Start your free trial. Prince Ahmed and his groom, Adrian return with another horse: Lou puts lies into her story to make it more exciting, but her family doesn’t appreciate that. Kit wins, Soraya is runner-up, and Ashley is second runner-up. Emir’s owner turns out to be Prince Ahmed who isn’t very grateful.

The Norton catches Jack’s fancy as well and soon enough Jack and Ty are seen bargaining for the motorcycle.