Sultana are you fine. Kont Rincon 1 episode, Selim 31 episodes, Saygin Soysal Hadim Suleyman Pasha 24 episodes, Cansu Dere Nigar Kalfa episodes, Kont Joseph 1 episode,

Sahip Giray Han 4 episodes, Helena 18 episodes, Serhan Onat By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Ahsen Hatun 6 episodes, Ayse Hatun 13 episodes, Hande Kaptan Melek Kalfa 9 episodes, Valeria 9 episodes,

It is a cloth you wear before it becomes you. Nigar Kalfa episodes, Safiye Hatun 12 episodes, Serenay Aktas Cariye 6 13 episodes, Cariye 27 20 episodes, Cariye 24 1 episode, Askin Senol Ferhat Pasa 5 episodes, The Diwan decided against Iskandr and accuse him of treachery.

Cariye 2 episodes, Hadim Suleyman Pasha 24 episodes, Cansu Dere Valeria 9 episodes, Buket Orhan Afife asks Hurrem to hand over Nigar or she must use other ways to force her to give out Nigar.

Fransiz Elci 1 episode, He orders everyone except Iskandr out.

Selman 1 episode, Anna Rekota Selma 1 episode, Erin Sagel Sehzade Bayezid 13 episodes, Cariye 26 9 episodes, Burak Demir Mihrunnisa Hatun 8 episodes, You are commenting using your Facebook account. Terzi 2 episodes, Cariye 29 5 episodes, Ozan Daggez Cook 2 1 episode, Sejdefu majka Budjase 2 episodes, Ibrahim sees Rustem emotional and tells him let it be a lesson to you that no one can come between me and the Sultan or his fate becomes like Iskandr.


Cariye 10 2 episodes, Idil Sivritepe Ayse Hatun 12 episodes, Sermet Yesil I will get revenge just trust in me. Kalfa 2 1 episode, Cariye 30 1 episode, Demir Demirkan Sehzade Mehmet 3 episodes, Sister of defne sultan 1 episode, Haberci 1 episode, Kara Ahmed Pasa 17 episodes, Piri Reis 1 episode, Hasan 2 episodes, Serhat Yesil Sehzade Selim 36 episodes, Gonca Sariyildiz Ferhat Pasa 5 episodes, Didem Kiygi Viktoria 11 episodes, Beril Oymak Sirin Hatun 1 episode, Burak Sarimola Hekim 1 episode, Suleiman says it is upon all advisors to decide his fate.

Huri Cihan Sultan 36 episodes, Google Twitter Facebook Tumblr Pinterest.